Realistic Textures

How to get more realistic textures?
Any tips would be appreciated.

Take a photograph…

Seriously though. What are you trying to achieve, what effect, procedural or image based textures etc etc. Your question as posed could have a hundred different answers - you need to provide more information.

If you are looking for general tips on texturing - just search youtube or google for “blender texturing” - you will have hundreds to choose from.

The question is WAY TOO broad , please narrow it down

textures of WHAT ???

The Earth ?
a table ?
a leaf on a tree ?
the bark on that tree ?

the book cover under that tree ?


All of them!:smiley:
Just kidding… I wanted a velvet texture,since I was having trouble making it.

Take a look at this material pack. Contains Velvet amongst others. may also help with your carpet material too.

Velvet is actually quite easy if you are using cycles - there is a specific shader for it…called…quite conveniently…Velvet :smiley:

I found this node setup on google

Haha! Thanks moony!:smiley:
Can we add bump maps etc? To make it look like this…

Yep - just find an appropriate normal map then use a set-up similar to this (ignore the top colour texture - since you probably want to set your velvet colour manually)

Here’s how I did it.

There are several things wrong with the setup:

  • material output: displacement defaults to bump mapping and you might want to use non-color data input for that,
  • same for normal map, except for that you have to use non-color data because values on a normal map don’t represent color but surface directions saved on image rgb channels, however
  • you can’t use normal map and material displacement output together. Correct way to combine them is to have normal map use normal map node and those connecting to bump node which combines the bump maps. That then connects to shader node(s)
  • UV map setting on the normal map node doesn’t have an effect, it still uses generated coordinates that the image uses. Manual says it should be the same UV map as what the image node uses but not sure why that setting exist in the first place

Here’s an example combining color, a bump map and a normal map

Thanks @JA12!
This is my result.