realistic TL lights and lighting

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I’ve been searching about lighting in Blender and found some really helpfull material out there. But the main reason I was looking into this subject is because I want to make lamp objects. More specifically, TL lamps.

I know it’s a combination of lighting, texturing and translucense (sic), but I don’t know how to even start.

All people responding should know that modeling a TL light is no problem for me.

I’ve taken a few shots from Tl lights here, so you guys have a guide for your answers.

i think it’s not possible yet. blender’s internal render doesn’t support lighting by emitting materials or indirect through material translucency settings like you want. and yafray doesn’t support translucency at all.

so either you’ll have to fake it or you need to use another renderer. but about other renderers i don’t know that much, maybe other people have more information on which one is able do this.

here is a light setup i quickly made, study the light and material parameters,
Download light.blend

Maybe this link helps :smiley:

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And what really makes it difficult: vertical shadows are sharp while horizontal shadows are soft. I saw that through grid just now.

thanks for the bledn file, it helps a bit. No gettin gnear where I want, but still…

that blend is confusing to me… how to you make the lights line up like that?