Realistic Turning

So I’m making an AI system for a dog with python, and a steering actuator. I apparently encountered an unrealistic vexation. You know when you’re running and you make a turn, your body usually turns and twists?

It’s something like this: Sorry if it wasn’t a dog, but it was the only video I could find that seemed useful.

How do I accomplish this?

With a lot of pain.

Either procedural animation, or some clever IK manipulations.

Honestly I don’t really know how to do that, but one idea could be to have a dog controller, and steering controller.

You move the steering controller making sharp turns and stuff like you would normally. Its the old way of doing movement, but that doesn’t look realistic.

But then, you put the actual dog on a second object, that you would move and make follow the steering object, but with some inertia. Like not parenting the dog object to the steering object, but making him try to follow using forces, because smooth turns are caused by a change of momentum, implying forces…

Now, when you make your armature, you make so your armature follows the dog object (the one following the steering object), but you parent your IK controllers to the steering object.

The result is that the “main body” attached to the dog object will make smooth turns because of its inertia, but the limbs will follow the “desired trajectory”.

Its tricky, I get it. But I have no other idea lol

I should probably mention: that it isn’t a player.

I should probably mention: be it what you want (a dog in your case right ?)

Yes, it’s a dog in my instance. I’m saying it’s not controlled by the player, it’s an AI character.

3 solutions in my opinion is no guarantee

  1. try to make the physics rigid body with more mass in the physic tab and play around with these settings there velocity translation ansitropic friction and with the ground physics too.

  2. or a distance constraint force field constraint add a property on every corner to controll the outbreak.

  3. parent the dogs amature to a cube and let the cube moving with diffenerent physics the dog with run animation need good timing.

sorry for my bad english good luck

Yes, and I’m saying that when I said “Player” controller/object I meant entity or whatever in your case.

I’ll edit my message for you…

Alright, my apologizes. I thought you meant like a player, quite literally.

I’ll give your idea a shot.