Realistic vegetable shading

How can I have the pepper look more realistic? I have been trying a few different nodes options as shown below in Cycles, but it still doesn’t look right, please help with below

Node with Subsurface scattering:

I started with SSS as base but it requires longer rendering time and causes more noise. I was wondering if there’s easier way to make things work better here.
there’s a light source behind the pepper.
Overall scene will be like below ( thats an early render of the scene , pepper has its node with Diffuse shading here not SSS - but that’s just to give you an idea of its surroundings)

Ps. I’d be happy to get any recommendations about how to improve rest of the scene, I know stem is way behind being realistic, its just a plastic looking now :frowning:

thanks for reply, yes I know i still need to do a lot of changes in the model as well as the surface of pepper, and I will go through and study the chilli shader discussion. However I was just wondering how to get the material right as a start, is my node set ok? I’m quite new to Blender and shading- how can i make this material better, because with two SSS shading mix makes rendering slow and noisy, perhaps I can achieve similar material without SSS, i dont know, any suggestions?

Of course there are other ways of fake SSS in blender (search in blender) but it’s not as accurate as the SSS shader. I think you should try mixing it with a diffuse and also tweaking the scale of the SSS shaders.
Good luck.

The pepper is too glossy. Increase the roughness of the highlights to get a more natural look :slight_smile:

I have used some displacement in two levels to make the shape more random, made some changes on the nodes
here is a quick render, on the left new one, on the right old one…

now its time to move to the ugly stem :slight_smile: