Realistic Watch ?

Hello All,

this is my current WIP.

Still learning so any advice / critique welcomed.

This is one of the 1st models I’ve ever taken to a nearly finished state, but there are some things I just can’t get to grips with :

Different render of same model :

LOL - one of these is too Shiney and fake looking - the other is too dull and fake looking !

I’ve modelled this on my own watch :

It’s not quite realistic - I know.

The thing really holding this back at the moment is the face and inner bezel text detail.

How do I do that ? Any suggestions ? UV Mapping is a black art to me.


wow, last render is impressive! I bet it’s one of those unbiased renderers, right? :wink:

Now, speaking seriously: you either need some bevel on a few hard edges or subsurf on. :slight_smile:

UV mapping and having nice reflections certainly would help make your model more photorealistic. Unfortunatly i’ve got to run out right now but i’m sure somebody will step in and give you some help. If not i’ll pop in later and see if i can help a bit…don’t mean to hijack but here is arender of a watch i made a while ago…still not perfect but i think it looks pretty good. Hope it give’s you some ideas!


Nice project, keep us updated.

To align the text you might find the warp tool useful:

Materials aside, I guess some post-pro will do fine :slight_smile:
About subsurf - you definitely need it… I mean the edges are too sharp and the reflections don’t really work with that.
Another thing - is it just me or the reflections are mapped as a texture? that might very well be just me though…
I haven’t got anything else that is specific on my mind now, I’ll add up (edit) if I think of anything semi-bright :slight_smile:
Keep it up :slight_smile:

thanksNamekusijin, - i’ll try subsurf and bevel.

Noweeds - perfect ! Could you talk me thru how you got the text onto the face and the inner bezel.

Lwerewolf - not entirely sure what you mean - reflections are just that - the really reflective one has a HDRI image mapped to the world texture. (That sounds like I know what I’m doing - I don’t !)

So they are real reflections - not fake reflections mapped to the object - is that what you meant ?

I’ll definitely tryout subsurf - will probably need to suss it out tho…

That’s what I meant, don’t worry :slight_smile: (and you do know what you’re doing)
Now we’re waiting for the smoothed render :slight_smile:
Still don’t forget the slight postpro :slight_smile:

Hey Big Bear…will give it a shot!

1.Select your watchface split the screen and open the UV/image editor.

2.Press U and then “project from view”
3.In the UV editor go…UV>scripts>save uv face layout
4.Open the saved UV layout in gimp or photoshop and create the look you want for your watch face.
5.In the UV window go…Image>open>and select your watch face layout that you created.
6.In the 3D window give the face a material and then an give it a texture>image>and assign the same watch face picture that you created.
7.Go to texture>map input and select UV

This should give you the results you need…i’m no expert so i hope i’ve explained this even close to being understandable…:no:


Hey Noweeds, THANKS !

Done this for the inner bezel - with a bit of jiggery pokery I’ve got something pretty OK.

Will do the full face as well tomorrow night and post latest update.

Many thanks

Big Bear

latest render - what do you think ?

I think the edges are to sharp.
Add a bevel in some places.
To get that rounded corner.
Other then that, its a nice render.
Looks kinda blurry though.


Hi Cire792,

thanks for the comments. I agree with you re the bevelled edges, but I think my mesh for the body is so bad that it’s going to be a nightmare to do well. I might just have to put that one down to experience and treat it as a lesson learnt for my next model.

I noticed the blurry thing as well. I really don’t know why - maybe some camera setting that I should have changed ? Or the fact that there is actually a glass face on the watch, or it might be something to do with the texture I created for the face and bezel graphics. (Did those in Photoshop - and I’m even less accomplished with that program)


Big Bear