Realistic water animation[.blend released]

Still Teaser:

The water is done in 2.42a using a sub-divided plane and several procedural displacement textures and traditional color textures. Render time is very short, only 5sec per frame for the above resolution. Blender Fluid Engine is not used. Please let me know what you think.

Basically I’ve boiled it down to two video candidates: one using the perlin noise generator, the other a ‘blender original’ noise. Which one do you prefer? (personally I like perlin better, original seems too chaotic)
Perlin CG water (2mb, DivX avi)
Blender ‘Original’ CG water (1mb, DivX avi)

ocean surface blender file(300kb), feel free to experiment and post your results. just a side note, texture channel 0 and 6 are animated via ipo.

edit: thread title changed to reflect the status of the project.

Hmm not bad.
I assume you’ve read the Cogfilms tuts? If not you should IMO.
What’s the scale you’re going for here? If it’s a closeup, it’s moving quite slowly…
Good job so far though.:smiley: Keep it up.

Just awsome,

Great work. Keep it up.

Insert more generic compliments here

Wow, really impressive. The most reallistic water in Blender ive ever seen. The wave movement is kinda weird, they dont look like ocean(or sea) waves produced by wind, but rather like river stream. Anyway the material and overall impression i perfect.

That looks great man!! I wish i had what it takes to do that , i bet i could integrate it on one of my instalations. Cant wait to see the High resolution clip . And thats blender working… amazing .

woow, really realistic. But its too random. Akhoutgh real water looks like a ‘mess’, there’s actually a pattern (the waves) behind it. Other than that, amazing.

Wow that was quick. Yes I have read Cog water tutorial, in fact, some of the techniques used are based on Colin’s method. I was aiming for a large scale stormy ocean surface, but it turns out appear ‘smaller’, thus I’ve decided the surface depictes is a windy water surface rather than stormy :smiley:

Duffator’s concern is due to the fact I can’t simulate proper water crests, right now, the waves move in a chaotic fashion, rather than a cyclic rolling motion. I’ll keep trying, though. /maybe i should give the wave modifier a try?

I am planning to release the blender file once it’s ‘complte’ under CC, atum, so just be patient. I also managed to keep the entire file, and especially materials and textures, well documented so tweaking shouldn’t be too painful.

Cool mpan3, but what no Fluid Sim?! how could you… that was your baby and now its been left out in the cold for some texture hack. Oh the pain of it all. Maybe a particle wave crest (spray) following a texture ridge would sell the scale a bit more?

Very, very nice. You are extremely good at fluid sims and effects!

It looks like realistic water but not ocean water for some reason. The reason is that it seems too directional. Quite a depth of water is moving in one direction and it cannot be because of wind (as in ocean waves) as wind strong enough for that motion would make mist,foam and high frequency ripples on the surface. It couldn’t be tides as tides don’t move that fast. Rivers deep enough to have waves of that size are normally more placid (unless there is a torrent). Therefore, I would say that it would be ideal for an epic flood of some sort.


blender water surface study rev2 (Divx, 1mb) it didn’t turn out as well as I expected, but at least now I know what to improve on. :d

blender water surface study revision 3 (Divx, 1mb) Please direct all comments toward this video as this is the latest version.

hmm, its still not really perfect. I know whats wrong, but I dont…know what wrong… lol useless critique, sorry.

Being as I am still a rookie when it comes to Blender, I can’t give much technical feedback. But I can say what I think bothers me.

At first glance, it seems just like an ocean, but if I watch the waves actually move I see my problem with it.

Your texture for the water has these black specks in it, and seeing them staying at exactly the same spot as the ‘wave’ moves under it takes away from the reality of it for me. I notice it most at the bottom.

Either way, this rocks and is really high quality. I love it!

Edit for clarification on where I see this.

Funny, I was thinking about this kind of texture this morning on the way to work. I think you have done a good job. Looks nice. Thanx.

one problem is that the individual ripples dont move in different directions , there all initially in different directiosn but then they dont follow through …

this is however AWESOME LOOKING WOWW !

Great work with the ocean… can i maybe get your blend file so i can take a closer look at your work?

Very very good. Very promising.

This really looks nice in my opinion (But I’m not that good with blender actually, still learning :o )

How long did it took to render this animation? I wanted to make an ocean simulation myself, and I did use the Cogtutorials, but, it didn’t look as good as this. It also took a long time to render and, since I didn’t have the time go in depth of the tutorial, I stopped with following his newest tutorial. I used another tutorial, wich took (much) less time to render, but the result don’t look like an ocean to me… I certainly hope that you release the .blend, so I can learn from what you are doing.

Also, are you thinking of letting a boat sailing in your ocean?

Thanks, and ofcourse, keep up the good work.

updated, see first post :smiley:

I like the bottom picture the most… to me it looks the most realistic…


looking very nice. I’ll have to go to the ocean to see why it doesn’t quite move right