Realistic Water Trail

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how this effect of water in a blender game engine?:o
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usually some added planes with alpha texture

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but it could better explain how to do this? A small tutorial would be welcome (is that I have no idea how to do)!!

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See the particles tutorials. With some tweaking you should be able to genereate such effect. Have a special look at the smoke tutorial. It uses alpha texture. If you use a white rather than a black texture it should look like water.

Thanks, I’ll study better what you told me!! :yes:
Well… The planes with textures i know, but and the effect that makes vanish gradually? type PowerBoat!
Would you show me how to do this? Not know if there a script ready to this? It that not understand very well python! :o

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There is no script.

You add objets where yo want to have the effect start. Each single object can play an animation (usually IPO) at the place of creation. If you have a lot of them it makes a nice effect. When the emitter moves around, the objects seems to build a trail.

Make sure to give the particles a limited live. Otherwise you get to much of them slowing the BGE down.
As I wrote the smoke tutorial is telling you how to do that.

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I’ll try here, anything I return!

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You need to have the alpha value ipo gradually reduce to 0 just before the objects life ends. This will make the objects fade away with a much more realistic effect. Also you could try scaleing the object over its life time. You can use an animated texture map. And lastly a script to ensure that the added planes remain horizontal even when the boat/jet ski banks.

did not work! :no:
Type, the object not makes what i want, he only if move straight
I wanted the plan follow the curve along with the boat, but I not am getting!
type, this picture:
could send me a basic example of how to do this? please!!

English is not my native language, sorry! :o