Realistic Wolf (Blender Cycles)

Here’s my wolf I’m working on atm. Still needs leg fur, tail fur and eyes.

Total hairs: 1,055,027

Render time: 2 mins 18 seconds

Samples: 100

Resolution: 100% 1920 x 1080

(I’m new to BlenderArtists and this is my first post so apologies if I don’t do it properly or anything)

Making of thread here:

Youtube video explanation ->

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HOLY MOLLY! Welcome to BA!! This is very impressive --> I would like to ask you lots of questions, if you don´t mind.
Regardless whether you mind or not, I´ll ask this: would you please share a viewport render and do you have an online portfolio/some place work you´ve done before can be marveled at?

Keep us posted, cheers!:yes:

Wow man. Seriously nice fur.
Definitely tell us more about your process, settings etc if you feel like it!

I’m going to go so far as to suggest that that’s an edited photograph, because my eyes flat-out do not believe that what they’re seeing is CGI.

The fur looks really good! I’m looking forward to seeing the final result

most convincing fur I’ve ever seen coming out of Blender :slight_smile:

oh now, they cut off the legs and the tail. no, just kidding, this is awesome. i also love the “alive” expression of his face.

critics: the ears seem a little to thick and can be bigger. but these are more suggestions than critisism.

i would like to know the technical data of your computer and graphics card

Yes hi, sir, i would really love to know how you’ve accomplished that marvelous looking fur. I mean. I’d REALLY love to know, like oh please CGI god, inspire this human cookie to create a tutorial.

@bluebiscuits My first question is how are your render times that low? Secondly hair is something people have a lot of trouble with. I think the community would love to see how you did this, either via a tutorial or short making of.

First post yet you joined a year ago??? Black edge looking at the screen from an angle on the left side of the image, possibly a giveaway to cut and paste job? Questionable especially because of the render time and settings.

That is really nice! Looking forward to see what you come up with later!

Btw, just curious: what caused these black spots in your render? It looks like behind of those is something that is brushed away with black brush.


^ This is my art station account where I’ve posted some more images

^ Here is my personal Facebook where I also post a lot of my 3D work.

Ask away any questions, I shall post a viewport version soon :slight_smile: and thank you for the welcome!

Gosh, thank you for the compliment! :smiley: They say the best CG is what you don’t notice, as you think it’s real, that’s what I always aim for so thank you!

There are 8 particle systems all together, divided into sections since wolf fur is different over the whole body. It also allowed me to focus on a small area at a time.

For the settings I mainly played around with the random and size sliders in the roughness section, and also a little bit of clump for the body and tail. I didn’t really need to change many settings though to be honest since most of the effect is done through the combing itself.

Me too! :smiley:

Wow thank you! :smiley:

I studied a lot of reference images and videos, and also watched every film i could think of that had a cgi wolf in it, then watched the behind the scenes to see how other people tackled it. It did take me many attempts to get the fur looking right, it’s mostly down to the combing :slight_smile:

I have a very fast computer :slight_smile: I also optimized the scene a LOT to keep the render times down, 2 mins is high for me :slight_smile:

I joined ages ago but could never figure out how to actually post things, since I don’t use forums much :slight_smile: And I promise it’s not a cut and paste job, though I take it as a compliment :smiley: I’ll post more images of the model and viewport so you can see

Some of the body fur was on the legs where I’d painted the vertex group, it’s fixed now but at the time it was bugging me so I painted over it :slight_smile: