Realistic Wood Floor + Tutorial and Textures :)

Here is my realistic wood floor. Tutorial? Also, if you’re interested I started a Youth Arts group on FB we could really use members since we are just starting out! Add me if you are interested or you can just join. Group:

/!\ UPDATE /!\ It was brought to my attention that I uploaded the wrong version addon which did not include the base material, this is fixed now. My sincerest apologies.

every time i see nodes i hope it is our Sverchok addon, but every time see textures ((

not bed

Maybe your Addon is not userfriendly enough.
It’s too abstract for my small brain. I’m not a scientist I’m more an artist (and that’s what most people, which use Blender to create CG, should be).

I’m sure you can do stunning, mathematic based 3d, abstract creations with it.

I’m sure if you would listen to artist’s (architects, photographers, designers,…) then it could get more popular.
But that’s just a advise :wink:

Kind regards

It’s more the graphiclayout of the Tutorial that looks semiprofessional.
And the Link ( to it looks like the Link to a virus/trojan horse (at first I didn’t trust it).

Kind regards