Realistic Wood surface

I need ot creat a wooden tabel top that looks real (or as real as it can look)
how would I do this?

use the wood procedural texture, add a bit of noise, and then tweak the x and y sizes in the materials buttons. also use colorband.

as adjust the spec settings and hardness if you want it to have that “shiny” effect or flat (like a stained surface with no polyurthane)

Noise is the key, I’ve done some experimenting with wood, and the think I have found is to give it some noise, so that it looks like it has a grain, otherwise it looks terrable.

A good thing to use is a cloud texture that you stretch to give it some secondary grain/noise.

well a call for a good wood tutorial:

wood as simple as it might look is quite a challange.

check this, it should help you a lot:

Use a good, high resolution image texture. Seriously. Use an additional bump map, a spec map and a diffuse map. Consider displacement mapping.

The Wenge Wood from Kuehnen is really good, but in no way photorealistic. And Kuehnen’s wood is pretty much the best procedureal wood I’ve seen.