Realistically deforming metal

Hi guys,

Sorry if there are already threads on this, I searched but didn’t find anything relevant.

I’m trying to model a metal computer case that’s had something heavy dropped on it, but I’m not entirely sure how to go about getting realistic-looking denting/crushing of the metal.

Could anyone advise me of a not-too-difficult method for doing this?


that might be done by using a lattice to deform the shape of the object
you could teh twist taper modifier to change shape of the object

but you could also use a rig to do that and do a small animation if needed!

can you elaborate some more on the final look of this pc
and do you want to do an animation of just one pic ?

you also use the explode modifier to explode you casing in a small animation!

happy blendering

Sorry, probably was a bit vague there. The model is just for a logo, so it’ll be a static scene only.

The “object” would be a football (or maybe slightly larger) metal sphere that’s been dropped on it, although I’m not sure whether to have the case standing upright or on its side.

may be you could use some soft cloth physic simulation which would deform under an external object

that might work for this simple case

search wiki for cloth defomr there is an example done showing how to do this

check at the end of the page example of ball on matrice deforming

hope it helps

Happy blendering

Thanks for the help, think I should be able to get it done with those. If I use the soft body simulation, could I take a frame from the sim and then take a static mesh from it to edit in creases, etc?

if you read the wiki page at the end ai think you can apply this modifier
so it should be possible but i never tried it yet

but in anycase you can render any frame


You know, I feel the simplest way would probably be apply a subsurf modifier, and displacement mapping after.
Just my 2c. :slight_smile: