reality factor,... what?

hey all. i was just browseing through the hundreds of free game engines, and i found this

i downloaded it and could only make the alternitave map editors work. it looks okay… has anyone else used it before? is it junk, should i just scrap it? has anyone ever even heard of it before?:confused:

well it can make ps1 type graphics, i cant find any good tutorials on it so i dont know what to do. but i posted it here because it might be good to use with blender cause it has a few things that are easier to do than in blender. (or so it says)

so what do you think? good, or just another peice of web junk?

It’s improving, but to my knowledge it’s BSP culling based (which is outdated).

I’d stick with Blender if you have the chance, you already have it.

factor or factory ?, anyways … DLDing it but i’m sure that it has no future , … because there isn’t even tutorials for it , thanks for sharing

look down a bit on this page, also for tutes, there are plenty, and if you join the forum you will see…
its for non-programmers, so while it is a bit outdated, it is about the only free GE that requires no programming,abnd so its perfect for blender pros who cant program.the main documentation is an e-book called making 3D games with Reality Factory.

3D, you should really look around more if you are wanting to help somebody. I used reality factory in the past, and, believe me, GE is much better…

reality factory has some nice features

I used reality factory in the past, and, believe me, GE is much better…

by that do you mean blender GE is better, cos i thought it was slower, although perhaps more features.what im trying to say is for non-programmers, RF(reality factory) is about the best option there is. blender GE requires programming and/or scripting, no?

Blender GE doesn’t even have any advanced culling system, outdated or not…

take a look at this ! Nearly impossible to do in blender right now !

I almost forgot to say, it’s made on reality factor engine

another one !

If you want to know if an engine is valuable take a look to its forum !

unfortunately, the first one i think was for an unstable physics release, but community member fredireco implemented Newton Physics Engine stably recently. Cant blender GE do that?pity.its a bit annoying that there isnt any direct blender support for RF, but a guy called paradoxnj is working on that, and he positivly… well…dislikes blender, shall we say.

Someone named Erwin has been implementing the Bullet physics engine into the Blender GE, you can already make joints with it using a GUI, but not apply ragdoll physics in that function yet.

Snailrose is currently implementing OGRE into the GE, he doesn’t post much, but when it’s complete it will be much faster.

Zaghaghi recently implemented motion blur into the GE

You can create an entire game without programming in the GE, using overlay scenes you can even carry your score over without programming.

I just don’t like engines that use BSP, mainly because you have to use convex blocks and building the level can take a while.

yah, thats partly why im going to be using RF2 for my game, it uses OGRE.

Only I’m not sure how far off that is, it doesn’t look to be in the near future.

The thing I like about Blender is that there’s no fiddling with exporters to other engines, you model, texture, and make your game all in the same app.

Pretty cool.

Actually blender probably can do the exact same thing in those videos. :DBasically Social’s FPS template, and then add a armatured running character. When he’s shot, replace it with a rag doll mesh and viola.

Jason Lin

Erwin is the main coder of the current GE. :wink: Busy with other stuff nowadays though…

Currently the development of the echo-plugin (OGRE + Bullet integration) is stalled.

RF2 is supposed to release in 2010…:-((

I was surprised that BGE couldnt do physics, so ty toonist, you have restored my faith lol.Yeah blender is good in that way, but i think ill stick with RF for game making, for speed reasons.If my programming skills get hi enough, ill mebbe switch to Irrlicht or OGRE.

I wonder why?

Maybe Zaghaghi or some other developer can take over the graphics department and make the GE faster, he’s already developing some graphical stuff?

Sad that OGRE seems to no longer be in the GE’s future.


used reality factory in the past, and, believe me, GE is much better…

Cool, where is the real time shadows in BGE? Or the Paralax shader that requires no code?
How about the foliage actor?
and the true particle system?
Rag doll anyone?

Reality factory is not the greatest engine in the world but it defiantly has some very nice points to it.

Dunno would zaghagi be willing to do that. The stuff that he is doing at the moment doesn’t require a throughout dive into the rendering code, but the stuff that he would be doing if he took up the graphics department would probably require him to revamp the whole graphics system. That would be a considerably large job.

The development is stalled but Snailrose hasn’t said that he will never continue on it. So maybe there still is some hope for the OGRE integration ;).

But, but! Check out the GE wiki, there is some stuff going on there! :wink: