Reality Shift- Sci-Fi FPS Source Code Download.

I Currently Don’t have the time to continue developing this game, i have however Uploaded all the media and source for anyone to butcher, Gut or help them on there own Games.

Youtube Link:

Game Footage 1:

Game Footage 2:

Download 169.26MB file size (rar):

I have these forums to thank, without all you guys this would not have been possible, to say I started out as a complete noob.

And the way i see it, I might as well give something back to the people that helped me accomplish these things.


Wow, very impressive work. I notice that it uses GLSL so I can’t play but the footage looks great, congratulations! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you weren’t able to finish, but I think it’s fantastic that you’re showing your appreciation to the community. Did you put this together on your own (besides help from the forum)? If so, it seems to show off a lot of dedication and determination. Way to go.

Thanks for the kind words, yes all the content was modelled, textured and animated from scratch, you will probably find some scripts,textures from other sources which have been adapted to my own ends.