Really annoying problem when rotating armatures

hi im having a pretty annoying problem when im setting an armature to a mesh. i put down for example 3 bones, one for forearm, one for arm, and one for hand. when i move the hand in pose mode, it doesnt move properly, it scales down as i try to rotate it more and it just moves really weirdly. if someone ever had this kind of problem or knows how to fix it, it would be a realy helpful. thanks

do you have vertix groups? have you read the docs? I advise you make Gus:

yea ive read the docs and i have all the vertex groups all correctly set.
but this looks like a good tutorial and i looks like it could help me. thanks

sounds like maybe a weight painting issue? or, possibly, did you click on ‘center new’ for your mesh after you parented it? that can mess things up i think.

i had this problem sevral times so i didnt accidentally press “center new” but i havent really gotten into the weight painting thing or the weight of the bones yet. i just keep them at default. you think that might be the problem ?