Really bad CUDA error in Blender Cycles latest build!

Has anyone experiencing the same cuda error with the latest Blender build from (mac osx 64bit versions)?
With default scene I got this!

I’ve already submitted the error to blender bug tracker site (
I’d like to know if someone else has the same issue.

OS X mavericks 10.9.4, GPU Nvidia GT 650M, CUDA Driver version 6.0.51,
CUDA error: Not found in cuModuleGetGlobal(&cumem, &cubytes, cuModule, name)

Oh yeah thats really bad probably the worst i ever seen

Dingto says:
“Ah, I forgot, CUDA is disabled on the Mac OS buildbot at the moment, because we need to upgrade the compiler there (which requires an OS X update as well).”
It’s better this way :slight_smile:

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It does work fine in CPU mode, which is all I have on my mac mini.

Thanks for having moved the message in the right section.

GPU rendering works again in Cycles!

latest build:

“Error | CUDA error at cuCtxCreate: Unknown error” when rendered view mode & with 512*1024 blocks.