Really badly needed a few questions answered about Blender with Daz

Hi! am a newbie using Blender to try to create good quality characters for Daz studio by importing them from Daz to blender then when finally completed, back to Daz Studio.

Can anyone tell me what I need to consider when first putting a figure from Daz studio likely Genesis 8 models into Blender to use them back in Daz later? what are the most important things to consider here pls in terms of configering an imported Daz G8F figure into Blender so it is ‘ready’ to work on for the ultimate goal of putting back in Daz. thx.

Start with the Daz to Blender Bridge
Free with a Daz account.

K thx for the reply but I really needed perhaps someone who has imported Daz characters to Blender to work on for Daz. Is there anyone else perhaps could help me here? ty.

You know I was getting you started in transferring the model from Daz to Blender IE: First Step…how about learning how to do that before trying to learn how to get it back…

The old adage of Learn to Walk before you Run.

  1. Get a Model from Daz into Blender…

Tell me what you want to do with that Model… If you want to Change that Base mesh in any way, as your post suggests…it will fail. Changing anything on a Daz Base Mesh will destroy the mesh as far as Daz is concerned…then you would have to go about it a whole different way!
If you want to create assets for a model…whole different story.

Christina has some good Daz/Blender videos on Youtube that will help with some of your questions. Give them a watch as a start. :slight_smile: