really big landscape ... HOW?

how can i make a smooth change over from one big landscape to another like in mmorpg games like WOW or Entropiauniverse or other great landscape enviroments. Is there a special technic or do i have to make one BIG landscape and the actors REALLY small?

the game engine of Blender is a “generic” one, not optimized/suitable for BIG games, in my opinion, of course!
So, keep your actors “normal” ( 1 to 2 grid square) and do a terrific LITTLE level!

If you want to take a look at the dynamic loading/unloading, you could probably do it- a simple way to think about it is the basics of the way it’s done in oblivion or morrowind. The world is made of a grid, and each square is a file- if you load just the squares near the one you’re in, and unload all others, then you can keep memory usage to a minimum. If you want to see distant areas, make extremely simplified versions that load in instead of the more complex up-close ones.

Well apart from the mentioned technical tricks, you can get a rather huge landscape with just one mesh.

Make sure the clipping on your camera/view is set to a large number like 5000, then just scale the landscape up to the desired size. If the actors are reasonably small, you can easily get something like 10 km squared.

If your looking for a way to generate the landscape in the first place has a very useful landscape generation script.

iam not planning something, iam just intrested in the usability of the BGE for this kind of use. I’ve played (still running arround) Entropiauniverse. Its based on the Cryengine 2 from Crytek and the main continent is something about 150 000 km². And you can walk and walk and walk (until you get killed). in WOW and StarWars Galaxies its not that big but enormous too. Like i said before iam not plannig something, but it would be nice to see something like Eternal-Lands based on the BGE. I think the time is ripe to make something like EL on BGE something like ELBGE :eyebrowlift:. Ok just kidding.

I was playing Eternal-Lands a long time, and i started to make suggestions but the Maintainers of the game are a little bit pigheaded(sorry i dont know another word for this). It was like you are talking to someone that dont want to understand a suggestions even when you will draw a picture of it (like i have done). Since a little dispute in the Forum of Eternal-Lands i cant stop thinking to show them how Eternal-Land would look better. The thing is not to make something like WOW. No No … just a little game like EL with a little bit more Userfriendly Developers. Maybe i can find some people out there to give the non Blender Users another good example how good Free Open Source 3D Software is. Here in the Forum are so many talented peoples. And i bet many of them want to show how good they are.

I plan to make a big terrain.

Realy these idea’s and suggestions are very inspiring I think.


i’m working on a realistic scale wasteland in the bge (as in so huge, clipend 5000 can’t see halfway across) the way i’m doing it is the videotexture module. i use a bunch of what i call ‘skyplanes’ each with their own camera. then those cameras for the planes copy the location of the main camera along their planes. then you can see across a 20,000 blender unit level. or, i could just be a lazy bum and do mist and occlusion.

As far as solutions go, using videotexture to boost visibility distance is pretty hacky, and very resource intensive. I’d recommend making a greatly scaled down (say, 1/10 or even 1/100) version of the landscape, cut down to the absolute minimum object and polycounts (this will only be seen from very far away, after all), and put it in a separate scene, to be used as a 3d skybox- with python copy the main scene camera’s position, and also its position times the scale (so if the landscape is 1/10 the size of the main one, the camera will move 1/10 as fast). Set this scene to background, and set the minimum clipping for the camera to match up with the max clipping for the main camera (so if the main camera is at 5000, and the background version of the terrain is 1/10, set the minimum clip to 500)

Basically that means even though the background terrain is vastly smaller, so vastly more can fit inside the camera clip, since the background camera moves slower it appears to be normal sized (this is basically how they do it in HL2, for example) and if you use fog in the main scene, you should be able to get a smooth transition between the closeup and background versions. you also get the performance bonus of not having to render the high detailed landscape at great distances (even if an expensive object will only be a pixel or two high)- not quite as good as proper LOD, but getting there.

@ Cpt. Oblivion … do you have an example for that?

If you’re worried about how to put terrain meshes together then you should just use predefined tiles that you just put together to build the world map. If the number of tile types your game has is manageable and can fit in memory at once than you can make that already on the BGE.

If you want a more complex terrain with more tile types than memory can hold then you’ll have to wait for dynamic loading on 2.5.

If you’re worried about the view distance then there are many workarounds you could use. The easiest in my mind is Cap. Oblivion’s suggestion. Use a background scene with a parallaxed (slower movement for illusion of distance) simpler version of your terrain on it. Just like people do it with skyboxes, do the same for the terrain.

I don’t know of any working examples on the BGE. But it can be done, if you’re interested you can go ahead and start working on one :slight_smile:

Iam beginning thinking about that. But the more i think about the more iam beginning to realize that it is not that simple. I think a good plan is the cornerstone for a projekt like this. Maybe i do first some tries on that and i think i should learn the next programming language python. But like a friend said “Doesnt Matter, just another language beside the other 6 ones” :frowning:

We’ll see…

If you want to save disk space, you could place unimportant objects like trees by a short random trees generator script, so you don’t have to store every location of every tree.

i think i can wait. :wink:
Its still a long way to go. I think modelling isnt my problem anymore. The next goal for me is texturing in all variations and then i’ll give animation a try. Blender is so powerfull every day iam amazed of its complexity. Long way to go for me to a first try with BGE. Currently iam so busy at work that it is nearly impossible to get fast forward to a higher level of using Blender. But for a little Demo reel iam trying to do much modelling as i can.