Really cool art site

Not mine, but i wish it was… :o

in my opinion, this guy is a genious…

i wish i was this creative… :frowning:

Then let his work inspire you mate. I think you already are this creative, just don’t try so hard. :wink:


Very cool site. Loved the background music. His photo’s are pretty good too. Thanks for pointing it out.

Like Sonix says, if you want to do stuff like this, then…

then what…?

i just not creative enough :frowning:
ive tried stuff like this, but it just doesnt come out. check the wip section for my attemps…

keep working at it, you have some good potential (and I can bet you that this guy probably has done alot of work, and has at least one person he thinks is a genius), keep at it, don’t give up etc etc, and simply work to be better than this person %|

No way man, what’s with all these negative waves. We have seen your work and know that you are creative enough.

If you think the sky will fall on your head, it will, but if you know it will stay above you what is there to worry about.

As I said before stop trying so hard, just go with the flow and enjoy what comes of it. The best ideas will usually come to you when you least expect it.


thats very nice work, but i don’t think he’s more creative then you or anybody els, he just came up with an idea and went with it, just have to wait for ideas to come, you can’t force them


I think being happy with your work is different to being creative. I think that creativity is not about the end product but about the process of making something. Creativity is also not the same as productivity. Some people spend their lives doing one thing. I do not think that other people’s opinions about whether your work is “creative” is anything to do with creativity. I have no idea what creativity is other than a word.

Eduardo’s work to me is very interesting and I’m really glad you posted the thread cause I get to see something I would probably have never seen before. However, I’ve seen some of your own work - just like other people’s work in the community - and I think it’s just as interesting as Eduardo’s… not better or worse. Sometimes its inspiring, sometimes its teaches me some technical stuff and sometimes I simply like it - either way I’m glad I saw it.

I didn’t bother to fill in the sentence, cause I thought Sonix said pretty much what I think. If Eduardo’s work is a source of inspiration, then that’s cool, but don’t let it be any more or less than that.

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