Really easy moddeling job

Hey guys,

I am a complete newbie to blender (at one point everyone has to start ;)) and I am somehow
not finding the right answers in the tutorials around the web. The point is the following:

I would like to model simply a picture like this

,but I have no clue of doing the filling in between. I made a UV-sphere and cut part of it out, but then I somehow need to nonnext it to the center of the star ? How do I do that

Any help is appreciated


  1. Select north and south pole vertice and move 3D cursor to the center of sphere. (Ctrl S)
  2. Make 3D cursor your pivot point.
  3. Select the edge of the cut u made press E (extrude) and press enter. Press S (scale) than press 0 and press enter.
  4. Make 5 edge loop cuts with Ctrl E
  5. Select all wertices with A than press W and choose remove doubles.

Hope it helps.

Take care

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here you go,

the blend file,

Thank you so much… :smiley:

This really helps me a lot

Coming back to this issue, I decided to add some “Neutrinos”. Is there a possibility (I am guessing there definetely is … ) to create a 3-dimensional wavy arrow similar to the one below.

This reminds me that I really need to learn Blender…

Thank you for your help