Really frustrated with rigify plugin in blender 2.8

I am a beginner and trying to learn smooth walk cycle. I am working with rigify plugin but I am not able to stop the limbs from stretching. I have tried to use all the possible settings still no results. I dont really understand what the documentation says. It is getting really frustrating to use this plugin as i have spent many days just to figure out how to do basic stuffs.

Any help with this issue is really appreciated.

Hey, you seem to be using the tweak bones. Leave them alone, they are there for cartoony animation, fine tuning and stuff like that. You can hide them from the Rig Layers menu. You want to work with the red controllers around the foot of your character.

Let me know how it goes, maybe I did not understand your problem correctly.

Rigify is awesome but indeed it’s not super intuitive. Give it a chance!