Really Good Idea ( but not really a coder )

Sorry to bug you guys…Trust me I have tried to learn coding. I have not the mind for coding, or math of any kind, but I have some good ideas, and some of them are in blender already from back in the day. :RocknRoll:

Say you are working with a hi res piece of footage, and you want to ‘rotoscope’ ( pan / rotate / scale output ) it using translation with compositing nodes. If you have ever done this before, I think you would agree the process is not very intuitive. So my idea is this: have a visual box in front of your footage representing the borders of your rendered output, and use that box like a mesh object, in terms of grabbing, scaling, and rotating, giving you the ability to easily zoom in on areas of interest, or do a nice camera pan, etc.

Hope you guys like my idea. Cheers.

Modron the issue that i think you are reffering to is Canvas Awareness and it’s something that the BF wants to address in the future. For a scripting example of what it might look like have a look at the VSE transform addon. It allows a user to interact directly with the image in the VSE preview window.

I would also guess that you would need Antony’s new widget system to make something usable. Finally keep in mind that the UV Image editor is already quite powerful for roto work.

Oops double post.

Thanks for the reply, 3pointedit. True about the UV editor. I have also used the 3D window for the same thing.

“not the mind for coding” , no such thing. In order to be able to do something in this life, you will have first put the effort and learning to code is quite an effort . Coding is that even a kid can do, I have been coding since I was 9. My mind at the age of 9 was seriously limited. But failure never deterred from keep trying . And thats the secret.