As some of you gamers know the best graphic game ever made is history is comming out Augaust 3rd which is DOOM 3, Now im making a game too which i want to be scary like the environement of doom 3 like the flickering lights ect. now i am first designing a map right now and ill be posting it soon on this forum. Or if you have any idea how to make lights flicker or a reflection in a mirror plese tell me ways to do so!

Thanks! :smiley:

you can animate lights in the game engine as you would anything else

[negative energys are fun to play with too]

but you will not be able to get the shadows and lighting seen in doom III without changing blender’s source

Ya i know,
but is it possible to make shadows in the game engine?

The game im making will hopefully be released sometime in the summer of 2005 or 2006

im going to try to acheive these type graphics

maybe even better graphics since its going to be realesed like a year or 2 from now!

Hmmm…That’s going to take a LOT of work…be prepared to work on it every day of every week of every month of both of those years… :wink:

You’re sure right about that!

i am

:o Woah, those graphics are crazy to do all by yourself. Hehe, for that type of stuff you would want to work in a team if anyone has the time to join up.

Hmm, unless you already have premade textures I see long nights where you’ll just be panting textures yourself. Putting it together doesn’t take nearly as long as painting your own textures.

Jason Lin

Making lights flicker isn’t very difficult. I tried it in my contest entry scene. It worked quite well and I’ve never done it before, but as for shadows you’ll probably have to think of painting them onto your textures in most cases, that’s what a lot of people seem to do. Just use alpha shadows on planes for characters etc.


The game engine in the Blender 2.34 release will have shadow mapping and multi-texture support:


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I can’t breathe… :o

Ya, but if i have like a bad guy standing under a light in blender 2.25 can i see his shadow when u play the game?

Of course not.

:o Woah, that’s really Great News. Two thumbs up for Kester Maddock whose been working on the game engine side of Blender. Yeah, shadows finally.


Umm, what’s multi-texture???

Jason Lin

I’m pretty sure it’s laying more than one texture on one face.

Like marble, and then a reflective map on top. :smiley:

I remember you wanting that. :slight_smile: