Really need help :( Blender Just doesn't want to Render, black screen!

Okay so I was making a 3D cup for a project at my college. We needed to animate it so I thought I’d give blender a go since it’s great at rendering. I animated my cup and it’s ready to go but I’m new at this. When ever I try to render an image or start the animation, it just gives me a black screen and it doesn’t even start rendering, the time for the render doesn’t even start! It just sits there… It works fine however in the View Point Render, but if I try to actually render it, it just doesn’t do anything… I’ve tried many settings but nothing seems to be working… I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here… Can anyone please kindly help me? I took a lot of time with the animation. I feel like it’s something real simple but I don’t know what I’m doing… :frowning:

I tried to also upload the file but I think it’s too big because when ever I try to upload it, it loads and then doesn’t do anything either…

Here is a reference picture, on the right side, it’s rendering just fine, but when I actually try to render, it stay’s black and doesn’t start…

Um, I can see you are on Apple, so maybe the H264 is already the quicktime format… I would suggest to render to individual frames like png or targa amd then import them to the VSE and render to quicktime from there. I rarely render directly to movie format, usually go the individual frame route first.

Sadly It doesn’t matter what format I’m rendering it in, I have tried rendering it in PNG and TARGA but it still stays black :(… I’ve tried to simply render it as an image but it doesn’t work.

send me the file to [email protected] and I will look at it here on my pc.

Could it be that you need to choose an output for your file? The space there only shows // and not a temp folder on a drive or anything, so it doesn’t have anywhere to write to… unless I am wrong, but on my mac I had always named a drive there.

Tried placing it on the desktop… Thanks for the tip but it still is not wanting to render, I’ll send it to you, thanks!

The // directory should render in the same folder in which the /blend resides.

I see you’re using cycles, and I know this can stall at the start of large file renders. Can you tell us whether Blender Internal works?

You had a strip in your VSE, I deleted it and I finally got a render.

I don’t know if it made a difference, but you had like 500 bounces on render but 0 bounces on diffuse, so I added like 8 on diffuse.

Ahh alright thanks for the help! I appreciate it!