Really need help how to animate this mechanism

Hello Blender Artists,

I made a screen printing machine concept.
i have tried alot to animate this crank-shaft look like animation, still got stuck in the middle.
when the crank can rotate, yet the arm won’t slide.
please help!

Does this mechanism even work? It seems to me that it has one degree of freedom too many: isn’t the beam able to slide without the motor turning?


i had tried that one too but it still didn’t work.
maybe i’m not really understand the concept of IK kinematic thus the animation explode like crazy. i had tried 2-3 times but still got confused.
would you mind to make it? i will send the file

Sorry, the last time I used IK was probably 10 years ago, I would have to watch the tutorial myself to do it :slight_smile:

ok. thanks for replying anyway.