Really New to this...Looking for some help...

Hey All,

I didn’t really know the best place to post this thread, so I figure this would atleast kind of be appropriate. I’m very new to Blender (just watched a few of the tutorials a few days ago) and I’m interested in doing a project for one of my classes. It would consist of a 10-15 minute animation with a “quest” type feel (someone is going through steps, maybe 3 or 4 characters and a few different scenes). I’m wondering just about how long this would take. I’ve never done any animation before, but I’m fairly confident in my abilities to learn new software. I have about 2 months to complete the project. Is this feasible? I’m working on a MacBook that’s as close to being a MacBook Pro without being a Macbook Pro…Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!


P.S. I’ve been struggling with some of the shortcut keys on the Mac…anyone know of an index or something like that? Thanks!

No it is not!
Try to stay simple. Max two characters and keep it to one set. Go for 2 minutes at most. Every minute you will have to animate is going to take you weeks this is not considering that you will have to model the characters and the props. Then you have to take lighting into account and texturing. These are all major subjects which by itself take years to master.

15 minutes is a long time when producing any video, even in a movie that could easily be 90 or more cuts. I would start off with something more along the lines of a commercial (about 30 seconds). If you can produce 30 seconds of good animation quickly, then expand on it, but, like musk said, it’s more than learning the software, to make a it look good, you also have to know concepts of animation, acting, lighting, composition, camera movement, etc…
If you’re not concerned with quality, anything is possible… :slight_smile:

almost impossible.
like musk says stay simple:
-maybe all characters look the same, but different color.
-maybe characters have no legs, as in NO legs or dresses to cover them up
-It would most likely need to be cartoony.
-Lip sync is probably, really hard, don’t do that. Maybe textured faces that show emotion but simple ones)

The real problem you have is the time! Good videos have tons of objects like beautiful cities, that the camera can look at a while to waste time, you can’t model an entire city!!!

Also use scripts people have made, so you as much don’t have to do work.

Use, Big Buck Bunny, Elephants Dream, Mancandy, production files all the others on this site that are free (search forums). Save you lots of time and everything will look nice.