Really odd Flash game - please comment

Really odd Flash game - please comment

Says you hafta make an account. I don’t wanna, sorry

Says you hafta make an account. I don’t wanna, sorry

second that =\

oh - didn’t realise that. Try playing it here.


WOW…its…making me really wanna puke…in a good way =)

its fun…but idk its not my type of game…good game if your bored…

i just favorite it

to much camera move ment for my tast…

good game 3.7stars =)

im dizzy…

Very original, now lets see that in 3d with mouselook, and wasd. That could cause some medical emergencies.

the goal is to tell me what the goal is

EDIT - I just realized that I just used my 1000th post for some dumb joke.
I was saving that for greatness :frowning:

Now you HAVE to tell me the goal. I want to win. I MUST WIN!!!

Well - the game isn’t finished, but I do have plans for it…

(gloats at having made you forfeit your 100th post)

My next plans for the game are - about a minute into playing you get attacked by loads of fish: they take one mind or one brain each if they hit you, and you get one mind or heard for shooting them. There are 3 Mind-fish per mind and 3 heart-fish per heart. If you run out of hearts or minds you die.

Or how about you use the minds to mind-control other ‘beings’, and get a big clash of two armies or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice game, something else for a change. Thumbs up for that :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a cool game, it’s a little disorientating, but cool!
Did you make that with one of the blender flash exporters?
I was looking into that a couple of weeks ago, I checked out 3 of them
like ‘paper’ I think it was called. There’s a really good 3d one with a demo
of the character walking around on this green gas mars landscape, I can’t remember the
name of the engine (premature 3d application Alzheimer’s )
and the export process seemed a little complex and undocumented.


andy circus,

No - there are a few images created in Blender in the game: the solder and the jar on the new title screen, for instance. I’d be very keen to know about working Blender to Flash exporters, though as I’m still on Flash 5 (I think they’re up to Flash 9 now) I’m not sure if they’ll be much use to me.

I have imported Blender into Flash by rendering double resolution, block-coloured without anti-aliasing, and then auto-tracing each frame in Flash.


I think there are about 4 or 5 working flash engines that support blender,
but I only skimmed them because I don’t want to get too involved with
learning a new program just yet ;D. I tried to find some links but
with the flash I guess you have to dig :smiley: I found papervision3d,
but there was that other engine that made the ‘mars swamp gas demo’ <not the real name
that seems a little better, but that one I remember was pretty intensive
to get things imported. I’m too tired right now to learn a new program .D

that was so trippy, seriously :slight_smile:
cool, i played it for quite a while and all those little messages at the top, kept me playing to see what would be said next. i’d probably keep it the same, dont give the game an actual purpose, cause that would ruin the ethereal quality of it :slight_smile:

What the…

I couldn’t have said it better.

Do I shoot the people or the fish/alien/monster things?

I think the messages should pop up in random places on the screen and you have to shoot them. To add even more to the dizzying effect you should have the screen flip upside down (text too) at random intervals. Also, if possible make it so I can shot myself at some point ,while playing, I wanted to, LOL.

One crit is that you use the alien fish thing as a background texture. I keep trying to shoot the background because of this. So either stop using that texture for a background or let me shoot the background.

I give this game 4 exploded fish and an amorphous red wobbling blob.

Thanks for the comments everyone… I’m trying to take them all into account, even when they contradict each other.

At the moment I’m actually making it less trippy… meaning you have to shoot a lot of guys before the backgrounds really start to morph… I’ll get rid of the fish-background - yeah - that is rather too confusing - maybe I should change it to a all-text-background…

A guy said that you only play the game for about 3 minutes as it reviles itself all straight away, so I want to add more of a sense of development - not levels per say, but different monsters if you shoot more stuff - that sort of thing. It also needs some way you can die - but I guess that’ll come with the newer monsters. Either that or a game lasts (say) 3 minutes, and you have to shoot your way through as many attack-waves as you can in that time.