really old work - recently finished, presented, etc

(sushiking) #1

I started this a LONG time ago for an IRTC contest (May-June 2001). I can’t even remember how I created it now, other than I started it in Max, had a couple crashes, then worked on it in Blender until I ‘finished’ it for the contest.

The original contest image:
My comments:

Some time later I started working on it again (in blender under linux - I had completed the switch from Windows/3dsmax ($1000 edu lic. down the drain - gah!)). I had a disk failure after the 3d was more or less complete resulting in losing all of the mesh data (& everything on my old PC). I had uploaded a few hi-res/quality jpegs of various composite layers to my website. If not for those, I would have completely lost the artwork.

Anyway, sorry I don’t have any of the ‘inbetween’ images. I’ve only got the final product. I had it professionally printed, mounted, and framed, and it was recently (April-May 2002) shown in a computer art show held at my college.

(big image)
lots of photoshopin’
the final 3d renders were from blender (the contest image was from max)

(sushiking) #2

actually, i do have some ‘inbetween’ images, not of the contest->final tho (if anyone is interested…

(S68) #3

Much sweet :slight_smile:

The butterfly is nice but the lilium alone of the latter image is veeeery nice


(BgDM) #4

Very nice work!

I agree with Stefano that the flower alone is a better image. The butterfly seems to detract from the flower, IMHO.

Great work though.


(rogerm3d) #5

nice. i agree with stefano and bgdm about flower alone being better.
but the render/final image looks better on the flower alone one.

(pofo) #6

It’s absolutely beautiful!

  1. pofo

(YAYA) #7

That’s what I call a good image, simple but certainly terribly difficult to achieve!