Really Simple Question Involving UVs and Materials

So, yeah, I’m messing around with a bunch of UVs and materials. I’ve made a few trees, and I want to replace a number branches with a new material. Now, you’d think this would be easy to do. Highlight the objects you want perform the swap on, select the appropriate texture from the dropdown box, and BAM! Done.

…but it’s not that easy.

If I highlight all the objects I want, it’ll only change the last one. I have to go through, and change each one individually. That’s a pain in the butt, considering I have 40+ objects. I have discovered that hitting Ctrl-L, and linking the materials will swap the old ones out with the new ones will SOMETIMES work, though it seems to want to revert any of the newly applied materials to the old ones at least as often as swapping the rest to the new.

My other question is when I have to edit my UVs on these objects to align to my new texture. They’re all stacked together, sharing the same UV space, so all I have to do is select all the objects, and move them in the UV editor.

Only problem there is that when I select all these objects, it makes the UVs opaque, so I have to blind guess my adjustments until they line up. Is there a way to set it so I just get the wireframe, even on stacked island? I vaguely recall being able to do so, though hell if I can find the option to do so now.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

You could open the file up in the beta of 2.8. It allows multiple object to be edited at once. That would allow you to move all the relevant bits in the UV editor as one. If you do that, then save the blend file as a new name from 2.80. Don’t overwrite your original. To get the stuff back into 2.79 you’ll have to Append the required objects from the 2.8 file.

If you are already using 2.8 then your issue might be made easier by using the ‘Keep UV and Edit Mode Mesh Selection in Sync’ button.

I’m using 2.8, and taking advantage of being able to edit multiple objects. It’d be super easy to edit the UVs, if I could just see through the islands.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what I mean. When I just have one island selected, it’s entirely transparent. Multiple objects? Totally opaque. Can’t line them up without a lot of trial and error.

edit: Oh, and “Keep UV and Edit Mode Mesh Selection in Sync” still presents me with the same problem. The island just goes while and opaque when deselected.

It’s not an insurmountable problem, but it is annoying. I have to select them all, nudge a bit, then select one to see how it lines up, then nudge nudge nudge scale scale scale nudge nudge nudge etc. etc. If I could see through the island, I’d be done in 5 seconds flat.

N panel > View tab > Display > Overlays rollout > Faces checkbox. That is in 2.8. This was Draw faces option in the Properties shelf in 2.79. You can also choose drawing mode for the wire.

That would be the way I would use if entirely changing materials, but not for certain faces inside one object. If faces of the mesh - Assign Materials in Edit mode. If all faces of the object - Ctrl+L in Object mode.

I don’t think I understand that at all. If I use Ctrl+L to link material to another object it will link it to another object from the active one. It will not work only sometimes.

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I just tried it again, and it worked. I drag highlighted the tree, deselected the trunk, made one object active, changed the material on it, then hit Ctrl-L, and the rest in the selection all swapped to the new material, no problem.

Sometimes, it seems random, though I can’t discount that I might be goofing something up, some way, some how. It’s not rare that I accidentally deselect something I wanted to keep, or vice versa, so it’s possible my random clicking might be playing into my problem somehow.

As for my UV situation? That worked! Thanks for the help! :smiley: