Really stupid selection question.

This is such a stupid question that has undoubtedly been answered a thousand times before. When I select points (or anything else), how do I set it so that it will only select points on the closest surface?

Every time I pick up blender I forget this and I could swear there is a button or menu, but I can’t find it and I can’t remember what it is called or what terms to search for it. I’ve been scanning tutorials and forums for the last hour trying to figure it out and I’m officially stumped. :frowning: A clue would be appreciated.

Updated: Ok, I just did something and the button I couldn’t find (limit selection to visible) reappeared on my toolbar next to the point/edge/face selection buttons. I have no idea what it was. Nevermind then.

that button is only visible in edit mode. A little known fact is that your entire window header changes based on what mode you are in.

I’m sure I was already in that mode. I was selecting vertices in wireframe view, just that one button was missing. I’m positive of it. But it is there now, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so if I could have deleted my post I would have.

The Limit Selection to visible button is not available in wireframe or bounding box drawing modes.

Hmm, I see now. Thanks for the answer, although I’m a bit puzzled why it would do that.