Really Thorough Tutorial: Realistic Portrait (REQUEST)

Hi guys.

I understand some of you who are fluent in the likes of Blender and Zbrush are extremely busy, but I would like to hereby formally request a thorough tutorial on “Realistic Portraits”.

When I say thorough, I mean assume I know nothing lol because it’s close to that!

I’ve tried looking at some tutorials already out there, but they assume I know knowledge that I don’t.

If you guys ever get round to doing this… THANK YOU! lol

If anyone knows of a tutorial that is thorough for beginners (noobs), let me know in the comments.


(I wasn’t sure where to post this as I can’t post it in the TUTORIAL section as it isn’t a request to anyone in particular. i posted here as i guess a lot of making realistic portraits have to do with texturing)


Making realistic portraits has to do mainly with art and skill (also not realistic for that matter), I don’t think a tutorial would be able to give all this, maybe, I say maybe, a few years of school, provided that you are fairly versed.


What do you mean fairly versed?

School isn’t an option at this point.


Fairly versed I mean to have a bit of attitude, there’s no school that can teach you to paint, sculpt or shape unless you have a bit of talent.
For 3d is the same, you can learn to model a car with the help of blueprints, on make a good arch viz, or good environments, but for a realistic portraits you need to learn about materials, modeling, lighting, along with Anatomy, but still you’ll need a little talent.

So, do search for tutorials teaching modeling, materials and all, but do not expect to find a tutorial that will teach you to be an artist, this you must find by yourself with practice and effort.


to do high res nice head is technical but also more an art then science
humans brain are extremely sensitive to very small fine details and to draw in 3D like that requires a very gifted talented person

only a few peoples on forums here can do that !
so don’t get high hope / expectation on finding good tut on that !

experiment yourself and you’ll see how difficult it is!
see WIP forum for head examples

but in any case wish you good luck with your quest

happy bl