Really weird problem

Ok I have no clue what is going on, but every image I put into the image editor, it turns blue. I had a bright orange texture, but when imported it turned bright blue. Now tried to put in a picture of the earth, but when I did It all looks like ocean, just the land is a bit lighter blue.

Anyone know whats happening?

Do you have a mesh in the edit window unwrapped? When I unwrap a mesh with ‘U’, it usually makes a blue square over the image because the planes are stacked over the image in the editor.

Maybe that is it…

Well even in the game it appears blue.

This is something that occurs with each fresh startup of Blender? Could we see a screenshot of the offending color in the editor and in the 3d view with texture draw shown?

Heres how it looks in gimp and in the image editor.

Well, I saved your image and then opened it and cropped it in Gimp and saved it as a jpeg, loaded it as an image in the editor (stayed orange) unwrapped, and then set the face as material new with texface, then hit P in object mode and it showed orange in GE. I see your file is XCF in gimp, but i guess this is just that you have the gimp file open but have exported to bitmap out - using bitmap in the editor.

Since Orange and Blue are opposites, is it possible you have a blend layer set to difference that is affecting your bitmap export? And you have tried reopening the bitmap in Gimp to rule out that the bitmap exported is blue itself?

Sorry, but this is very curious…

Oh right I have it saved as jpg too, but even when I make it blue it still imports blue.