Really weird rendering behavior with complex node tree

Hi there. A friend of mine is working on a scene where all the visuals were done with shader nodes in a really complex way.

There are some lights that emitts some glowing effect when the animation is playing in the viewport. However, this glowing is not rendering on F12 rendering. Even worse: when the timeline is paused, the glowing effect disappears - it only shows while playbacking the timelime.

Please, see attached the blend file.

Does anyone have any tip? alguma coisa mainovoworks .blend (1.8 MB)

Thanks in advance!


Man, that is complex to the point of being inscrutable.

I see the effect in viewport, but with that rat’s nest of nodes, I can’t even tell what’s supposed to happen.

Best of luck, but whoa…



Thanks guys! for support!
I was studying about How create Madebulb3D on Blender!
But I wrong one formula and I ended creating this monster hahaha

I was talking with Dimitri about this, If we can not solve the problem,
I will end up creating particles emitter

Thanks for FULL Support Guys!
I a new boy in the Blender`s World haha


Welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys!
Thanks a lot about resolve my problem
but I finalizing this project without lights trails…

I published this project in my instagram

Good projects for you!

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