Really Wierd Problem

On my car, I have it set up so that whenever the tires have too high of a sideways velocity, they add smoke.

Now here’s the problem…
As you can see in picture 1, I am driving the car in reverse and turning sharply to get the front tires to slide, creating smoke. See that the smoke is white (like it should be)
And in picture 2, I am going forward at around 60 MPH and turning sharply, getting all of the tires to add smoke, but the smoke is black!

I really don’t know why this is happening. The only ipo I have for the smoke right now is the scale, no rgb ipo. I have remade the texture 2 or 3 times and changed some things in blender, but no matter what, if the car is going fast, the smoke turns black. Any Ideas?


is the smoke shadeless?(it might help)

ya its shadeless. this seriously might be the most frustrating problem I’ve ever had. I can’t think of any reason that this should be happening.

EDIT: Never mind I guess. I figured it out.