Realsitic Fire using Particles .BLEND NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Okay, I have always wanted to make realistic fire in Blender, so I have dedicated this thread to making it…I think I’m actually getting somewhat close already, and this will easily benefit my other work in progress if I can figure this out!

Anyways, here are my early tests I made this afternoon!

And here’s another one:

And here are the youtube videos I uploaded:

Fire w/ smoke:

Fire No Particles:

Here’s the image for the no-particle fire:

Let me know what you think so far!

Any input can and probably will help towards a more realistic result!!!

I will definitely be tweaking this until I get it right(hopefully)!


Let me know what you think of the fire w/ smoke test!

Edit 2:
I added a youtube link for the NO PARTICLE animated fire shader! Let me know what you think!

Here’s the blend file!

Interesting effect! Metaballs I presume? Try getting some smoke in there, I think that will make a big difference to the look of it.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Not metaballs though, just a bunch of spheres with a texture controlled by an empty.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely be sure to play with that! I’ll probably have another update tomorrow…I’ll play with the smoke for sure!


wow, if you made that made about 10 of those into one giant smoke stack it would look almost like a huge gasoline explosion they use in the movies. good job!!!

looking great :smiley: the dynamics look pretty good, just needs some smoke to round it off. Any chance of an example .blend or a quick tut?



Great work so far!! The most realistic fire done with blender I’ve seen so far! :yes:

Not too shabby so far. However its way too turbulent. This might be useful for example if you had a jet of very fast moving flames.

For example: rembember the burning oil fields in Iraq? They had these oil pipes and vents which spewed this stream of burning oil. The flames were really huge. That is what your animation reminds of, a bit.

Unfortunately, I dont think it is quite possible to get decent looking fire with blender at the moment. The particle system is simply way too primitive.

Back when I was still using 3D Studio Max (version 4 or 5 I think), I managed to get some decent fire through particles and post processing. The key to it however was the motion of the particles. Blender’s particle system is too limited to even create the primitive fire I created back then. And back then I only used the standard particle system.

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments so far!

watchthis: cool! Neat suggestion! Thanks!

(@arwy^:Thanks! About a blend or tut, I’ll post the blend when its more complete, and I’ll try to make a tutorial later…but I’ve never done that before…I’ll definitely try though! It just might be a while…

NuArt: Thanks!

ChojinDSL: I agree with you about it looking more like jet flames. Its not quite(near) there yet. I do not, however, agree with you that its not possible to create realistic fire in blender. I think its very possible, even with the current particle system! Its just not possible to create fire using halos! But thanks for your reply! I appreciate your time spent!

Thanks for the comments everyone! And be expecting more this afternoon!


very detailed! great work

its definitly good going. I think that with careful use of force fields etc, you can get almost realistic fire. The thing is, IMO, you cant get totaly real fire in blender ATM. Keep it up magiciandude, and you should get really great stuff.


Looks great- all that it’s missing is smoke.

And be sure to post a .blend to show us how you do it!

Please, make a tutorial!!! It’s the most reallistic fire I’ve seen made in Blender.


(If you could type a whistle, it would be typed here) that’s a great shader man


I can’t upload anything at work, but I will as soon as I get home.

I added some smoke tests, and then tried reducing the turbulence(which I think turned out a bit worse)…

But I’ll post some stuff this afternoon! And I will post the blend as soon as it gets more complete!

Thanks for the support everyone!


It looks more like hot or colored smoke then fire, there’s some evidence of stuff that could suggest flames but this has better use for colored smoke effects.

this has better use for colored smoke effects only when taking into consideration the current material and speed of the flow, i’m sure with some creative liberty in both of those it could be on the way to looking like fire

Okay, I added a third youtube link up top. It includes smoke.

I think it made it look much better personally!

And right now I’m trying to make it work out right on Suzanne. Anyone know how to make it emit from all vertices equally as opposed to only some at a time?


Cyborg Dragon: Yes, it doesn’t look quite like fire yet, which is why its in the works in progress section. But good suggestion on using it for colored smoke! Of course we would need to slow it down some…

Midian: Exactly!

Thanks for the replies everyone! I appreciate your support!


Okay, here is a nice shader I came up with that uses NO PARTICLES! I guess it could have a use for small objects…also I’m not claiming I invented it…because I’m pretty sure I’m probably not the first person to do this…But basically how I came up with it was looking at images of fire. I realized that its not transparent to opaque from outside to inside. Its more like transparent, opaque, slightly transparent. So I came up with this shader! Then I realized that it didn’t work with particles(still looked opaque) and I dropped the particles and threw it around a sphere with an empty-animated displacement map. Maybe if I applied it to a fluid I could get bigger fires? Huh…worth a try!

Check it out though, and let me know what you think. This is for smaller scale fires while the other shader is for bigger fires. This one just doesn’t work with particle systems though…

Let me know what you think!!!
And don’t forget to let me know what you think about the smoke with fire!


I’m also giving Alden credit for inspiration, although our shaders are different, he also has a magnificent non-particle base fireball shader that you should check out! Here’s the link for that!

i like it with the smoke, looking much, much better :smiley: i dont like the non-particles one, although maybe it would look good atached to a fluid sim object? i think bmud tried this, with good results? going back to the particles, though, i think there is room for improvement with the smoke shader in particular. it needs to look more 3d and volumetric. are you using halos for the smoke, or dupliverted spheres?