Realsoft 3D 6, some interesting features

Parametric building modeling
Fractel plant system
Game like system for easy walkthroughs.

These are the three main interesting new features for Realsoft. Blender could use the parametric buildings possibly through python when it becomes possible.

There’s some interesting features described, go check it out.

Real 3D has always been cool as… even since it’s Amiga days, almost two decades ago. I’d settle for blender having the amount of plugin integration and parameterisation that 3DS has though. Even that would be a huge leap in features and potential.

Great program, terrible interface.

Even that other 3d program, can’t remember the name but it’s at the tip of my tongue, has a much better interface. I must say I prefer that other program.

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Maya? Zbrush?

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Sigh, Blender :wink:


interesting way to do things :slight_smile:


Is this the same Real3d from Amiga days? I remember the rivalry between scanline Imagine and Raytracing Real3D. Modelling was solid carving things with Booleans while Imagine was more an open mesh type affair. Gee that was so long ago.

Realsoft is a great app the UI is very intuitive, the viewport camera is nicely done.
Thats how I started with 3D :slight_smile: as well


for true “parametric buildings possibly” you all should download Amapi Pro 7.5 and check out their dynamic geometry!

The best I ever saw - specifically it handles Polygon and NURBS at the same time!

Fxxxing awesome and a pain because it looks like version 8 was trashed.

That modeling history in Blender - OMG.

Realsoft 3D V.8

Just released. Yes i said V.8 :santa:

The changelog is here (you have to look for it because of the old technology the site uses).

I guess it’s nice that they’re still going, but it’s also looking to be in the same position as Lightwave. That would be an app. on life-support kept afloat by a slow development pace.

Last I’ve seen, the Japanese 3D app. known as Shade is still going as well, but the development there isn’t too hot either. I also wonder if Electric Image Animation Software will make an appearance next to show they’re not dead yet.

I’m an old Realsoft3D user, but I thought it was dead, and so did other people I’ve met here (from back in the day). Latest news promised Photon mapping back in 2011, and now it’s finally here - when photon mapping is not that hot anymore. Although, for the software it’s going to be a big improvement to the lacking GI it had.

Still, I really miss CSGs and Nurbs :smiley: And many other features we are still lacking in Blender (looking at you, node editor, even if VSL is not as user friendly). I tried out the demo again a few months back, just for giggles - I wanted to translate a material but it wasn’t possible with my skills. And boy was that pure forward raytracing stuff slow compared to Cycles pathtracer. I might just upgrade just for the fun of it, even if I don’t think it will be useful for my production.

Made my day for sure, I wasn’t expecting this news, ever :smiley:

Their website(s) seem outdated. No new manual to see, broken links everywhere etc.
And where is the community? Is there still a community?

Talking about Real 3D, may I share something I found on my old Amiga HD that has been in a storage container for 24 years? Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thread of the decade

Silo is limping along with once in a while updates. Strata3D seems like it is barely alive. Wings3D gets once in a while updates.

I am crossing my fingers for a new version of TrueSpace :frowning:

Loved Realsoft3D back in the day, but I don’t see who would still be using it to warrant an update. I can only assume they have a very niche userbase - home visualization via local companies? - for it to still be in use. Even then, C4D, Modo or Lightwave would make more sense…

That said, if this is the first of many regular updates( and an overhaul of the website ) then Realsoft3D could be the “come-back-kid” of 2019…

Speaking for myself, i was never smart enough to fully utilize what this program can do. Looking back and testing it now i am still not smart enough, but see the potential is very impressive.
A Swiss Army knife indeed. The look appeal is nice but under the hood is like a big V8. Lots of power that i never could handle… user fault. A tool in the hand…

Tim Borgmann ( king of Abstract) used Realsoft 3d for some time . His abstract art and such was, and still is very beautiful. A tool in the hands…

Overall this program has many tools for Artists / Designers / Engineers …
Chrono R3D – Dynatomic - Revolution4D . Included , Are very cool and useful.
Realsoft was created for many areas of 3D in general, Unlike many that focus on one…

I think it continues because of the love of programming / creating . I hope we can see A few more drops…

My two cents…

Upgraded . V8 :grinning: i like it.
Really hope some of the community/forum return in some fashion …