Realtime 3D-model in web browser, worked fine!

So I finally got my Blaze 3d to show the models in Internet! :stuck_out_tongue:

See the example link on front page.
The face model was my first face model with edgeloops and such. Texture is applied from a picture I took from the original face I have in my home.

EDIT: Rotate with left mouse button, zoom with right.

Looks cool! I was having fun trying to zoom as close as possible - nice to see this preview :slight_smile:

nice model…nice viewer. :smiley:
how does it handle larger vertices, may i ask?

Not really great. With one level subsurf applied (around 4k verticles) it starts to get a bit sluggish, but still viewable. 10k seems to be pretty much the cap.

You can also try suru2.html (same face with subsurf and some minor fixes), koira.html, ase.html, king.html but only the first 2 work. Did everything same with the rest, still they won’t show up…

i cant see anything :frowning: ubuntu 8.04 and firefox 3.0.1

You need Java enabled; check the forum for how to.

that is cool. How did you do that? Also you may want to put the controls on that page. I only knew how to zoom because you said how, someone that finds your site not through the forum wouldn’t know. I was trying to use the scroll wheel to zoom at first.

edit: So you used Blaze 3D to do it? Is it hard to use? I wonder if you used your models to bake a displacement made for a simpler mesh if it would work better.

There’s how to rotate too. :slight_smile: Ya, I should add some info to the web-site too, but I can’t be bothered yet since it’s just a test and things will change anyways.

Yes, it was done with Holomatix Blaze 3D. It is really easy to use, you just import your model there, and thats all basically. Of course you may want to tweak some settings such as navigation, but it is all logically button based.
It seems to support bumb maps, but so far I haven’t managed to use them. Not that I would have tried it much, though.

Nice. The ones that work work like a charm.

is working now. i didn’t have java plugin instaled. that’s great stuff!!! tuto?