Realtime 3D portfolio


I’m a multimedia computing student and have made a 3D portfolio hosting site as a project. It uses Actionscript, Javascript, PHP & mySQL and I would very much appreciate some feedback from yourselves. Its purpose is to be able to upload your models and share a link with others, allowing them to view your collection in realtime via their browsers flash plugin.

An example would be:

The project has only been tested with the most recent Firefox & Flash plugin in Windows - It is Alpha and more a proof of concept. If it works for you, you may use it in whatever way you like. Please read the user guide and give it a go.

Here’s a link to the main login/register page:

Feel free to post your shared links here and comment in whatever way you wish.

Thank you & I hope it can of some use.

PS. A known issue is that you will have to view a preview such as the one above before you can preview your own work via the 3d preview menu - this will not be a problem for anyone viewing your work via the shared link.

No users yet & could use some feedback - even if it’s only on my example.
Thank you.

Hello, hello.

It seems to be working fine here. Maybe zoom is a little slow, and when I try to rotate moving the mouse vertically, there is some zooming in, then out again. Don’t know if this is intentional, but it gives a kind of uneasy, floaty feeling; a bit like sea sickness? :slight_smile:
There is also some confusion between zoom and scroll. When I zoom the page also scrolls.

Otherwise it seems good.

Is the lighting configurable? Can users set the lighting for specific models or scenes?

Ubuntu 11.04
Firefox 11.0
nvidia 8800GS

Thanks for your reply.

I assume that your gfx may not be fully utilised in Linux. Does it say ‘software’ in the stats window? That’d go some way to explaining slow zooming at least.

Btw, did you used to play Nexuiz?

It does say software.

Damn, what gave me away ? :slight_smile:
…and why are you not playing Xonotic? Particularly on the Overkill server?

EDIT - Might have just found a small problem. If I zoom in past the object, I can’t zoom back out and the object doesn’t come back into view. Moving to the next object doesn’t fix it, though refreshing the page does.

If I zoom in past the object, I can’t zoom back out and the object doesn’t come back into view. Moving to the next object doesn’t fix it

Shouldn’t happen, especially when moving to next model, as the view is reset. Will have to have a look on Linux. :slight_smile:

Damn, what gave me away ? :slight_smile:
…and why are you not playing Xonotic? Particularly on the Overkill server?

Small world 'ey? :slight_smile:
One more month & uni will be done. :slight_smile:


Do you know .x3d and x3dom.js?
Seems much faster with WebGL and also in flash mode.

This is excellent work, The first time i saw this technology was on the blendswap website, I would be very very interested in using this as a portfolio for my own models, as Im a professional 3D modeller, showing off renders just isnt enough, I want my customers to see the model in actual 3D, great work again mate, You should really make a full website, that lets users sign up, go to their account page and upload models from there, which would then give them a link to that single model so that they can link from their own websites etc… Keep me posted on this through p.m as im very interested :slight_smile:

take a look at x3dom.js (only for .x3d files), there is already a simple example on our website
Showing .blend directly isnt possible. But there are solutions for x3d and json using x3dom.js or three.js. But i prefer x3dom.js as is has a flash fallback and image fallback and is meant for the presentation of 3d models.

Three.js is mainly a webgl framework and for more complex solutions and has not these fallbacks

I was unaware of x3d - certainly looks better than the usual papervision & benifits from not needing flash.
My aim is to eventually support as many model formats as possible & using Away3D 4.0 allows this, as well as gpu rendering under dx9. I also hope to incorporate as many media formats as possible & this is well established within flash, as are webcam tools - which I hope to refine by adding hand gesture support.

@bizla, you can create a profile, upload your work & share it through a link - follow my second link. It is very basic & somewhat slow on that server but I’d love to hear back from you - create as many accounts as you want.

I think WebGL today is much better than Flash as it is a more open solution and more dynamic and more usable for webdevelopers. Think about three.js in combination with jquery (or x3dom.js instead of three.js)

Saw a webservice last time which utilizes three.js and supports many formats. Have to find it again.

The recommendation for x3d using x3dom.js was for bizla =) Should be very easy to realize a 3d portfolio with this