realtime animation - cant think of a name to call it

just sharing with you an animation ive almost finished, its an attempt to bring a drawing i did a while back to life.
if you could tell me how well it runs, and what you think of it, id really appreciate it.

the exe -
the browser version -

thanks! ciao!

very cool, nice screensaver

when I press an arrow button the textures mess up.

That’s really cool, the sounds really take it up a level. I would love to use this as a screensaver.

Good work, there’s nothing wrong that I could see.

Okey, nice idea :smiley: but if I use that as screensaver I can be sure my comp won’t get stolen, that music will scare everyone and they will run away :stuck_out_tongue:
But it is a good idea :smiley: maybe next time with some fairies and a friendly music…


Pretty nice!
Good screensaver. How did you animate the wings for the little birds?

WOW…That is awesome… I could only dream of making something like that… :o

thanks for the comments!

hadnt thought of using it as a screen saver, im impressed that blender can do that!

SamAdam, you picked it! i stuffed up something when trying to do radiosity, and thats what happened! i decided to keep it. i have a feeling it does that just because its 2 surfaces sharing the exact same spot.

the music is creepy? eep, wasnt intentional!

Silver_Kiwi, the wings were just standard planes with an animated texture, set to animate at about 30fps. the texture was set to ‘add’ as well.

thanks lemmy, no need to be so modest tho, your nature scene with the tree looks great!

ill see if i can get it to work as a screensaver… ciao

Looks great!

thanks jedi!

got it as a screensaver now
i found out how to make it into a screensaver, so here it is!
4 different resolutions so suit different everyone (hopefully!)
1024x768 -
1280x1024 -
1280x800 -
1680x1050 -

im not sure if it did it totally right, left click brings it out of screen saver mode, so that it can still be played with.


how do you make it a screensaver? Change the .exe extension to .scr?

lemmy, yep, makes any exe into a screensaver. you can add something to the blend to help it close down more like a normal screensaver, with mine i made it endgame when the left mouse was clicked (found using ‘mouse movement’ didnt work to well).


It doesn’t do that for me, it just re-names it to something like: name.scr.exe

It is probably just Windows XP, but I just wanted to know exactly how you did it.

in winXP, go to “file options” in the Tools menu in windows explorer. Then change the setting “hide extentions of known file types”.

Awesome, I have it set as my screensaver now.

Just incase someone doesn’t know, it needs to be extracted to your windows folder. :wink:

Thanks Lemmy! It worked instantly!