(realtime) Boom - BlenderDoom :)

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Mini tutorial images:

Best screenshots:

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Just some works to show the power of realtime!

(On every object I use color+normal+spec+detail color+detail normal+detail spec+fresnel maps.)




WOW - that is amazing, nice work!!!

Wow, nice job endi. What FPS does this run at? (Just curious :))

it runs 5 fps on my Gef7800
this is very slow but I think Blender pixelshaders is not optimized, because its universal (it does all that the Blender material - this is a very big power!)

this shader is a commonly used in professional games, so it must run 30-40 fps if the shader is optimal

Thta’s not bad really, as I don’t think much of the optimiztion has been donw yet. keep it up mate! I’d love to see more.

Jaw drops

Very nice! Those are definitely industry level graphics, id be interested to know a poly count of the scene etc.
Its got a very strong Doom3 feel, as you were trying to do. And very good use of mpan3’s Dof script.

Ive gotta learn how to do combination texture maps like that. Do you have any helpful tutorials youve done etc? And a .blend or exe runtime would be great, even if you just use the mouse to look around. I dont think still images do your work justice. :yes:

Now, remember that endi is a CGI Master, and just because he can do something doesn’t mean you’ll be able to replicate it in an afternoon. Endi is the exception, not the rule.

Nice work, man.

Hu, lol, I didnt say i could replicate it in an afternoon PlantPerson? :confused:
Id just like to learn how to do spec, normal, detail maps etc.

Sweet examples, Endi.

5fps may suck for games but for great looking previz it’s pretty nice. No more boring grey renders for my clients.

Now if we could just get an OpenGL rendering mode for Scene Strips in the Sequencer!

That’s sick! Man that looks so AWESOME!

And now, the aim is to run that at 30-60fps:evilgrin:

And it real good work, it looks like doom3, and that’s cool.

wow, thats really AWESOME!!, did you make a Depth-Of-Field 2d filter? (i see DOF there… lol)

Wow, you have great skills. Is it Doom3 Engine you are using or is it Blender… I’m “confused”. :wink:
Great work!

Can you add the 2d filter bloom effect and blur also?

Yes. He is using just blender (from my understanding) and he is using mpan’s DoF Filter.

some good looking work there!

I wasn’t addressing you. I was addressing the hordes of clueless people who are surely drooling over this thread as we speak and planning their more-realistic-than-Crysis-MMORPG that they’re going to make on Sunday afternoon.

Man seeing this totally rejuvenates my energy after a long night of working on a project. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Haha, yes, i see what you mean.