Realtime character intended for the dominationwars

Great model and excellent texturing. No crits from a technical perspective.

From a purely artistic perspective I would maybe consider putting a bit more of a shine on the blue sections of the armor, they don’t quite look right to me at the moment. The flesh texture is great, but the scarring is quite random. The face is great and you can see how that would work, but the arms look a bit odd. Also maybe throw in some metal staples to give it the appearance of being held together by something, and some dried blood that has leaked out from between the sections. There is also on part on the arm (mid-bicep) where the shading looks a bit severe and inconsistant between two bits of flesh.

Alltogether great work though.

I get the impression that you achieve exactly the results you set out to achieve. That is a great figure.

well nearly, I freehanded it all the way :wink:

Amazing job. I just wish my modelling team could create figures like that :smiley:

great model there. I love the simplicity of the model flow. Simple yet brilliant. Really is well done. Textureing is also very good.



Good to see a new work Eldron. Been a long time coming. Hope all is well?

Excellent work here. Did you make normal maps for this one, or is it all bump mapped?


DanGray, thanks for pointing those things out, I probably won’t change this piece in any way, but those things are good knowing for my next thing.

bgDM, well, trying to get time for 3d and blender.

It’s just one single 1024^2 diffuse.

(And yes, I’m aware of the large unsued areas. I did some drastic changes in the mesh late in after having already unwrapped and drawn most things, so I ended up with those empty spaces )

Wow!! Stars from me…

Moved to gallery section.


I will suggest putting a bit more of a shine on the blue sections as well. I have done it for my Custom essay and it looked perfectly.