Realtime Clouds test

This is a project I’ve been working on to improve my games.
Please feel free to suggest improvements.

That looks really good my friend. It’d probably be of better use to use it for Fog or something in definite areas, but still, this looks really good!

Actually, Its VOLUMETRIC! I should have a video on vimeo by tommorow.

HERE IT IS! The first glimpse of realtime volumetric clouds in blender.Enjoy!

The images look great, though some shading/texturing on the clouds wouldn’t hurt.
Also, the video appears to be private, so I couldn’t see it.

Ok its fixed.

Mmmm… so how did you do it?, I’m curious.
Using halo planes? Or you actually made a volumetric objetc with some kind of fancy GLSL stuff?

Its realtime particles. There are some problems though. On any computer less than full crysis cababilities, it will crash. Still needs tons of improvements.

That looks really cool!

Lags or crashes? Does it give an error?
It looks awesome :slight_smile:

Crashes. Its really bad right now. Since I’m the only programmer on our team our workflow is really slow. Until we find a faster and more effecient way to render particles we will have to use the least amount of volumetrics in a scene as possible.

omgosh dude the only 2 things I miss from CryEngine 2 are the time of day settings and the flowgraphs, but honestly logic bricks are pretty darn good these days =)

If I can find a way to animate the lights (color, intensity, size, angle etc.) in the GE (haven’t tried yet, just started thinking of it lol) and having good mist/clouds it could be BGE Time of day settings =)

I’ll look into this. Maybe I can come up with a similar feature.

whoaza, realtime volumetrics in the BGE? Cant wait to try this one out in .blend form :wink:

UPDATE: Realtime smoke and fog.

The image below is an example of dynamic fog.

Smoke effects. The effect on the right uses real particles and the effect on the left uses alpha mapped planes
Heres the link:


how’s the performance?

I think the CryEngine2 uses few high detail particles as opposed to masses of low detail ones then you can animate how to distort them via like IPO or something =)

in other words, each particle is actually a gif animation equivolent and so a fire that looks like it’s got live ash floating around actually is really about 8 or so gif animations running on top of each other

not sure how ur approaching this though looks FAN-Tastics!

kay_eva your a genuis! Upon adding support for halotex I came up with the following results.


lol huh? what did I do, and what is halotex =) lolz

confused but in a good way, I think

Halotex is a feature that allows you to assign textures to particles.

ah hah! now i see, I wouldn’t have known you hadn’t done that already

I can just remember going through the Crytek particles editor and being a little surprised at how primitive some of it’s inner workings was, from a user perspective it’s some of the same sprite based editing that one would do in the old Doom editor or the Duke Nukem 3d edit - it’s the lighting of Cryengine 2 that gives things that beyond next-gen feel (but even that can be faked in BGE)

their volumetric clouds are like clever psuedo blender billboards with an dynamic emit property and alpha sorting, it can be done in blender I beleive, maybe not in a 1:1 ratio but faked lolz

this is incredible!!!