Realtime cubemap or sphere map reflections?

I just got 2d reflections working with the new 2.48a. Now I would like to try using a light probe for 3d reflections. Could someone please link me with any information or demos concerning cube maps or sphere map reflections?

I have done quite a bit of searching in this forum and on google, and everything on the subject is outdated.

I found this tasty little of information on how to use them.
My only problem is that they never explain how to make the environment cube map.

Luckily in blender, this is very simple.

  1. Select Your Object
  2. Press Tab
  3. Split the panels, and open up an image. (Just as if you were assigning to it regularly)
    4.Now Click on Image>Realtime Texture Mapping> Reflection

That wil give you basic reflections. However there are some downsides to this method, like it won’t “react” if objects around it move. To do this you would need a render to texture feature. Which Blender desperately needs, this could allow shadow mapping, reflections, tv screens… etc.

Wonderful, thankyou!

Will that work with cubemaps? I guess I will soon see.

Check the first post of page 2 on this thread:

Here’s a direct link to the file:;7371211;/fileinfo.html

There is an excellent example on how to use cubemaps there. Unfortunately I cant really tell you how how martinsh managed to generate the cubemap from within Blender, but its definitely possible.

Keep looking, and let us know when you’ve found the answer. Good luck = )

I’ve figured out how to generate the cubemaps!

It’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do after setting up your envmap texture, is just hit the render button, and then click on the “Save Env Map” button in the “Envmap” texture panel. Then you’re set! The resolution per cube side by default is 100x100 pixels but you can change this in the texture panel to whatever you like, just change the value of “CubeRes”.

If you need me to explain this better I can make an example file for you when I get home. Let me know how this works out = )

How wonderful! I have a cube map sitting here, but I do not see where I apply it to the material.When I add it to the reflection mode in the mapto tabs it reflects, but not as a cube map, it reflects as a flat image.Sorry I am not getting this as fast as I usually learn stuff.

Have you found a solution to this yet? I’m just trying out cube mapping now and I have run into the same problem as you. I have a cube map all I need is to know how to tell blender that’s what it is.

I have sphere mapping but when I click cube nothing happens. is there something I’m missing?

Hi this is driving me mad! I have the same problem. Just basic cube mapped reflection wont work at all. I have looked at the martinsh box mapped cube reflections he has environment mapping working by some magic means. I dont need anything special like that just basic Unreal tournament style cube reflection mapping. I tried setting a cube map as reflection in the mapping c section and get a flat map i have set it to cube but nothing changes. Is there a simple way to do this? it seems like it should be easy. is there a simple python script to due this maybe?

Does anyone know a quick tut out there to change the martinsh method?

The trouble is you go all out on trial and error but its really tough to know what features of blenders shaders work with BGE. Environment mapping for instance. Or setting the reflection mapping type, Flat, Cube, Sphere, etc.

Been 36 hours on trying different ways to do this and feel like there must be a simple solution I am just plain missing.

Once again, how would one apply a pre rendered cubic reflection map to an object. Sphere will work too, but how to tell BGE?

Using 2.6 and tearing out hairs.