Realtime Deformation

i really need realtime armature deformaiton,
any ideas when blender will have it?

(for collision on the deformed mesh)

are you going to code it?

well, probably not until somone else gets motivated [since I’d assume you will not code it]

asking for when any currently unplanned feature is coming is pointless, development is really only fast from people which are motivated in the project they are working on

there are a bunch of cool things happening, but your rather vauge description of what you want isn’t something that is happening now [as far as I know, I don’t watch the mailing lists close at all]

now then, could you explain in more detail what you mean so that perhaps someone else could be motivated to code it [or explain better when in comparison to other features it may be coming]

we have that already

what do you mean?

you can shoot the deformed mesh and it will know its shot

mesh 1 deforming mesh 2?
look for Tuhopuu with softbody effects.
also bloded(sp) in phyon section.

Not sure if this was the original question but this is my question at least…

As far as I can tell, when a mesh deformed by an armature hits another object (e.g. a dragon tail swinging round to take out a knight) there is no collision detection at the point of contact. The other object (the knight) will only recognise the postion of the faces of the UNDEFORMED mesh.

ie if the whole object moves without being deformed there is a collision.

Is this right?



BTW the aformentioned, hypothetical deformed mesh has polyheder selected as bounds