Realtime destruction / cell fracture ? point n click?

Hi everyone!
What are your go to solutions for destructing things and buildings?
I have this huge piece I’d like to break down to make level design interesting, and I’d like a lot to make it while navigating (Blender Walk Mode would be very good ! ) and breaking things as I go (click to throw primitives in or something) , then make a static mesh out of that ?.

For now I’m wondering where to head to do this realtime point and click destruction. Chaos looks good but I’m not sure how to freeze things up afterward?
Honestly if I could do it in a game like Teardown, it would do perfectly too!
I’m open to any kind of workflow / software letting me do that. even and maybe especially voxel !


I’m thinking later on making some inverted mold and boolean-that with the original piece so I don’t need to have the fracture to remain in the level. That’s a secondary part anyway

additional reference: