Realtime domino simulation. Is that possible?

I am trying to make a game that you set the position of dominos and then by pressing a key the first one falls down then the second etc.
How can i achive that effect?
Thanks in advance.

The domino simulation in the Bullet logo on this site:
is made using Bullet and Blender.

2006 Domino simulation:

You can use <ALT>-A to see the animation.

For baking the Bullet rigidbody simulation yourself, it requires latest cvs build, so you have to wait for the next Blender version, or get the pre-build version for Win32 here:

I already saw you animation

Very well made! :smiley:

I was trying to create a game and create this effect but I already got it some how. Thx for you answer! Good job implementing bullet on blender. I will use it a lot in this and future games.

You can bake the rigid simulation since 2.38.

Go to Game menu and click on Record to IPO.