Realtime Duplicate Object?

How can duplicate object in realtime with python script?
For example:

i would duplicate a plane object in onw row and colum and
set row and colum numbers and positions wint properties buttons.

this very useful for manipulating repetitive object in gameEngine.
i think do this with Edit Objec actuator Add Object function but
i dont know how mamipulate it wint getLastCreatedObject() function
or perhaps doing other method?

do somebodfy thinking about it? 8)

Err, hmm, not really sure what you mean.

You never have to duplicate an object. All you have to do is use the edit object actuator to add the same object over and over again.

As for having each new object that’s the same have another position you can do that with python. Just use an empty that has positions set by python and move it to the different positions. In python make it so that a plane is added each time the empty moves to a new position.

Jason Lin

its method may good for me!

thank you for answer!

i will test it… :slight_smile: