Realtime engine tutorials

(JD-multi) #1

I’m looking for Blender realtime (game) tutorials and I found some of them but not enought to learn how to make games. Does someone know where I can find more tutorials for making games in blender and what is the best way to learn it? A friend of mine has got a wish, making games. And I’ll teach him how to make them in blender but first I have to teach myself how to make games. I hope someone has got some really good tutorials. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Blender_owl) #2

well if you want tuts your gonna have to buy the game kit, there arnt alot of tuts for the game engine out there. But check out OTOs site, they’re the best i have seen sofar.

(Pooba) #3

I’m making one, i’ll post when i have it up.


(dreamsgate) #4

hurry please! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Klein) #5

The best way of learning how to make games is to look at other blender games. That´s how i´ve learned realtime Blender. Sure, the Tuts will also help u in some stuff.

(Tonberry) #6

I found many great tutorials at
Especially Joeri’s Demo Files which explains a lot of the game engine. But of course buy the Game Kit! :slight_smile:

(JD-multi) #7

Mmmh ok pooba I’ll wait until your tute is finished. Tonberry thanks for the tutorial I’ll try it. I took a look on the blender website for the game engine book and cd but is this from the beginning learning the engine? Maybe I’ll buy it. :smiley:

(JD-multi) #8

Whoo I made my first 3d game in blender but there are some problems. The sphere I created doesn’t stop bumping. how can I stop this. And I made a door but I can walk trough the walls and doors how can I fix this ? :-?

(JD-multi) #9

Whoo I made my first 3d game in blender but there are some problems. The sphere I created doesn’t stop bumping. how can I stop this. And I made a door but I can walk trough the walls and doors how can I fix this ? :-?

(Tonberry) #10

Assign a material to the floor the sphere is bumping on. (and a material to the sphere also)
Don’t really know about the door…

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I welcome you to gameblender, and invite you to come chat with us… we’re usually around during the night (EST) before and after dinner time… come log on mirc or an irc program and come to #gameblender … We can totally help. Bring your friend in too :slight_smile: If theres no one in the channel, just hang out and we’ll be there. Unlike other channels, we don’t idle. So that means if we’re on, we’re on. If we’re not, we usually arent in the channel…


(filips) #12

Well… maybe a stupid question, but on what server do I find #gameblender ? Undernet? Dalnet?

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:smiley: Thanks for inviting me for a chat, but I can’t do that because we’ve got modem and I’ve got a internet limit but soon I get cable :wink: maby you can talk to me with msn messenger ([email protected]) I made my first game with some tutes and a resource but this all what I can make. I hope someone has more tutorials or tips. I showed the game to some classmates and they said “what the f…k, how did you do that” I said “when I know more about blender engine I’ll teach you how to make a game” I really like this making a game in blender it’s really cool. OOh sorry I’m going to talk too much :slight_smile: but here is my game test. I really like the Themesong :stuck_out_tongue: How do I fix the bug with the doors, walls and floors because I can walk trough it.

(JD-multi) #15

Yeah I made an update of my game named: “Blasta Bubbles” Now I added some enemies and another stuff. Check on I’ve got one problem. How do I add a option when I hit the enemy 5 times it will die?? has someone a tutorial for this? (I hope so :-? )

(doogs) #16


even though youre on a modem you can still come into chat… go download mirc from and log in to openproject and then type /j #gameblender … people with modems can be on, and it wont mess it up!


(kEinStein) #17

Simply add a property to your character, call it ‘hitpoints’, assign the maximum hitpoints (5 in this case) to the property and every time the character is hit, decrease the property by 1 using the property actuator (type: add, value: -1). Add a property sensor for “hitpoints” that reacts on the value 0 or <1 to “make” the evil guy die…

For further information and another way of doing this: Come into the chat (#gameblender), there’s always somebody helpful that could answer your questions.

(I’d get better back to bed - seems I’m kinda blender-addicted - but the best ideas you’ve got when you’re asleep… :wink: )

(gargola) #18

JD-multi : very cool looking game man! there are some things that could be made to improve it a little.first the camera is too close to the character,it would be better if you get the cam a little far from the player so you can view a little better were are you going.second the jumping is too short.make the character jump higher,ok?and last make the bullets disappear when the hit an enemy.keep working,looking good so far! :smiley:

(Pooba) #19

Your game is cool and all, but there’s some problems. Don’t use the camera acuator, the camera doesn’t go up or down (well, it does but VERY slowly)


(JD-multi) #20

Now I’m working on the game problems which are writen on this topic and I fixed some of them. I also downloaded mIRC for the #gameblender chat asking how to do things I don’t know. Yesterday I was tinking about 3D screensavers and at one moment a idea shoot trough my brains to save a blend file to runtime and maybe converting to a screensaver or een blend file to screensaver. (I hope it works) But I here someone who tried this in the past to make a screensaver from a runtime or blend file?? :smiley: