Realtime Fluid Dynamics WIP UPDATE: Source Added

Hey all.
I just finished a little demo of a project I was working a little on. The computer I am working on doesn’t support GLSL (doesn’t even have a graphics card for that matter…) so I am using getMesh() instead of a vert shader. Also, you get an index out of range if you put your mouse on the right side of the mesh… But it is a wip/demo.

Fluid math derived from experimentation, Wikipedia and Glen Murphy’s fluid simulation

Just a windows exe 7z for now. I may post the .blend and after I convert it to a vertex shader if people are interested, and if I clean the code.

move mouse - add force
left click - add a drop
fluidSim.7z - with .dlls (4.99 mb)
simpleGrid.7z - without .dlls (1.32 mb)

BTW: I will be traveling for about 1-2 days (to my own computer with GLSL :D) so I will probably not respond before that.

I’m back. here is the first release. not cleaned at all, and doesn’t support moving yet.
FluidNoGLSL.blend (191 KB)

this may be better in GE Resources section now… it is still a wip though.

This is very, very nice! Are you willing to post a .blend file or is this private.

I’ll post a blend in a few days when I get back to my own computer and optimize/clean the code a bit.

Great stuff, how is the frame rate on it though? Is it looking hopeful for use in games?

I runs fine on the computer I am using now. When I crank up the grid size, it really slows, but I think that is more because of getMesh(). So… It would work really well for ponds XD.
I am planning on making the fluid simulation fallow a character (or boat), so it looks like a big body of water, but only simulates a small square around the target object.

Framerate suffers on my PC. :frowning:

On mine too :frowning:

btw there may be performance issues with 2.48 - for me at least the RC1 is about 40% faster. So if this was compiled with 2.48 it may run faster for GeForce users if it was made with the release candidate instead.

Just something to consider for anyone conducting benchmarks at the moment.

Thats actually a good idea having only the simulated water square follow the player.

This is very, very nice! Only 1 crit: when you go over the edge, it goes a bit weird. It does calm down, but it goes crazy for a sec or two. Nice none-the-less.

nice work. thanks for sharing the blend