realtime follow path

Is there any way to make an object follow a path in the GE? I think there is but I cant find out how

Do a quick search for “Simple AI”, there are path following tutorials there by a master logic block programmer.Do a search on that guy, he did a bunch of great instructional examples.

That thread uses nodes that the player tracks to with the track to actuator… I want an object to follow a curve in real time

Oh! very sorry about that. I do not think that the curves and paths can be used with the game engine. You might be able to bake the objects animation to IPO’s and then use that.

Searching htis forum with the keyword “paths” would easily have given you all of the information on the subject. You can’t use curves, you have to use Nodes with the track to actuator. That’s all there is to it. If you want to know how to do this easily, just search.

ok, thanks… I thought there was a way to use curves but I guess not :frowning:

You can’t directly use a curve. I heard that there is a Python script someone wrote that converts the curve to IPO though.

The script to convert paths to IPOs was written by haramanai and can be found in this thread:

To use the script:
Make a curve, set the object to follow the curve as a path, then run the script with the only the object selected. Remember, this is a Blender script, not a Game Engine script, so you will run it by putting it in the Blender Text Editor, the pressing Alt+P over the Text Editor or selecting File >> Run Python Script from the Text Editor menu.

Now just use the IPO as you normally would.