Realtime glsl materials...

I have asked this before. But i think there was a misunderstanding in my question.
I asked if i could get a GLSL file from blender materials.
Now i read this:
It says you can use GLSL materials in Blender instead of Blenders default non-realtime materials.
Here are the settings you can change ( the ones you can are brighter):
So does this mean you can create a realtime shader with Blender without coding it?

Well, at least the “bump/normal map” one, or something like that!

nor maps, spec maps, textures.
alot to it, but results are amazing.

Am i speaking Chinese? lol

No, I just don’t think you’re being clear enough. If you’re asking if you can save some sort of GLSL shader material file thingamajig from Blender, afaik, no. If you’re asking if you can use GLSL features without having to code a shader, afaik, yes, you can. The wiki page you linked to says “The game engine already supported such GLSL shaders, though they had to be manually written.” So I’m assuming that Blender just takes what settings you have and dynamically creates a GLSL shader for you. However, I have absolutely no idea how it works at all, so I could be completely wrong. Any devs wanna clarify?

Yes! Thats just what im assuming as well! Only not all of us use BGE. The Blender dev team did a wonderful job. But to me its like making a shader generator without a “save” option.

If you’re asking if blender can generate a GLSL script from a material/node shader you have made, no, it can’t- but pretty much any material/node shader that shows up in texture mode, will work in-game- so unless you need the script for an external application there’s not really any need for it.

Any time you apply a normal/spec/any other map, or enable nodes, or maybe even just enable glsl in the game menu, blender is using GLSL shaders you don’t have to code.

[edit] if blender didn’t have a game engine built in, it would be rather more preposterous to not be able to export shaders, but the tools are all designed for the integrated GE so there’s not really any need.

I have to disagree. I think many people make models to run in another engine.
So an export option would be a KILLER feature.
Doesnt anyone agree with me? :frowning:
Everythings already coded, i dont think it wouldnt be very hard to add that feature.
edit: yes, i dont use BGE myself!

So please tell me where i can request a new feature for Blender.
Or maybe this can be done with python scripting?

So where can i request that feature/script?

You can request a feature at which has been down for a couple of months ^^

A nodes -> GLSL script converter would be cool to have indeed. Not sure if you could write this in python, would have to check if the blender python api have access to nodes. But if “dont think it wouldnt be very hard to add that feature”, feel free to code it yourself :slight_smile:

TNo i dont know python, but i know C++ and even if i didnt its pretty obvious its not hard to create.
Blender has a GLSL material mode in “Game” option. Ive tried it in the 3d view and could see my materials in GLSL mode. What does that mean? Blender turns your material properties to glsl code. Only dont know where it stores it / even if does.
Dont know about nodes, havent used them.
Blenderstorm is down, i have requested 2 features there months ago, but since we still cant disable the console then thats not a good place to start.

Yeah just as i thought!
But what .glsl file is he talking about?